Minutes of February 9, 2007 meeting

Michelle Best, Sal Cardinale (Co-Chair), Azon DeChavez, Colin Liebtag, Yuhwei Ling(Co-Chair), Natascha Owens & Clotilde Twagiramariya(Recorder)
Yasuhito Denda, Jennifer Dickerson, Eric Fizur, Jean Madden, Bonnie Paz


  1. |Duplicates procedures updates.
  2. ISSN change reminders
  3. Permabind/Flex-M/Mylar
  4. Cancellations procedures
  5. Claiming Task Force
  6. Serials Controls vendor change project

0. Due to Network problems, New Brunswick was not able to get connected by teleconference with Robeson @ Camden nor Dana @ Newark. The meeting, originally scheduled at 10:00 AM, started at 10:25 AM with the New Brunswick group only.

Before discussing the items on the agenda, Sal made the announcement that LSM recently hired Lauren Mangeney-Slavin, a new Part- time Employee to fill in the vacant position left by Karen Walinnski. Lauren will be the third receiver at LSM and she will also help with Marcive searching.

1. Duplicates Procedures updates

1.1 General receiver’s workflow for duplicates at Alex and LSM

1.2 Cleaning the “Duplicate shelf”

1.3 Duplicates with 3 or more issues are sent to the Receiving Coordinator for investigation.

1.4 As for hard bound duplicates for Units, receivers will send an e-mail to the contact person for that “Unit” and get confirmation that the previous received issue is physically there.

2. ISSN change Reminder

3. Permabind/Flex-M/Mylar

4. Cancellation Procedures

5. Claiming Task Force

6. Serial Controls vendor change project




Next meeting: (TBA)
Next recorder: Michelle Best
Back up recorder: Azon DeChavez

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