Pre-Faculty Meeting Report November 11, 2005

Membership: Rhonda Marker (chair), Ferris Olin, Roberta Tipton (on leave, fall 2005), Rebecca Gardner (alternate)

The Research Leave Review Committee met twice this year. Ferris Olin (chair, 2004-2005) convened a meeting on July 11, which was also attended by Mary Beth Weber (member, 2004-2005). Rhonda Marker agreed to chair the committee this year. During the time that Bobbie Tipton is on sabbatical leave, Rebecca Gardner will rotate onto the committee. The committee completed the RUL Group Questionnaire form, and forwarded our response to the 2004-2005 Faculty Coordinator as requested.

The RLRC met on October 18 to consider one application for a Short Research Leave assignment.

On November 4, we sent an email notice to the RUL faculty about the December 2 deadline for the 2006-2007 sabbatical leave program.

Respectfully submitted,
Rhonda Marker, Chair

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