Minutes of February 17, 2000 meeting

Roger Smith, Wilma Shay Haver, Zoreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Jan Reinhart, Martin Katz, May Chin, Lisa Lakhan, Joanna Karwowska, Marc Forster, Georgina Alonzo, Peter Anderson, Phyllis Palfy, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami, Eugene McElroy

Hello everyone, please forgive the tardiness of these minutes, I was waiting for some answers to questions, then I was away, and then my PC crashed out!

We opened the meeting with a discussion of the new release and its impact on our processes. We discussed the importance of setting properties.

Please continue to report questions and concerns to myself and systems.

Several units reported that Fall 99 reserves are still being removed. Placing new reserves on was a priority, and several units have by passed removal of reserves until Spring Break affords a time when this can be attended to.

A group of us is meeting on March 2nd to address a need to update and solidify all the training and manual documentation that reserve staff have. Our goal is to present a single guideline that is readily available on the web. We hope to have it all together by month's end. Thank you Ramon, Phyllis, Zoreh, Marc, and Pete for volunteering for this, your varied experience and viewpoints will certainly aid out endeavor.

We discussed the occurrence of reserve fines disappearing when the item was discharged. It proved to be a random and isolated instance. However, we reviewed our policy and procedure for removing reserve items with fines attached, preserving the fine by going in and blocking the patron with a note in the pub-note indicating the infraction.

Online faculty reserve request forms will be available soon. I am awaiting final word from Sam McDonald. Test forms can be viewed at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/lib_servs/reserve_services_faculty- 2.shtml

A concern was raised by Georgina that when these files arrive in our e-mail, they may have a subject line very similar to the Ask A Librarian files, "COMPLETED FORM...", which on non AAL days AAL folks tend to quickly delete! This requires special care by those of us receiving both types of emails. I will communicate this to Sam and see if we can tailor the reserve message to be more specific.

9:30-11:30 A.M.

Removing reserves by report.

An attempt at SERC to remove reserves by report has met with little success and more than small setbacks. The original intent was to see if reserve records could be removed at a single shot by systems. This would speed reserve removal and allow for the timely removal of electronic files from the server without any broken links being apparent in IRIS. There are drawbacks to this, as systems needs to identify a single date for removal. If they select a range, the expiration date for records of "NEVER" will be included and they will be removed as well. In addition, if systems determines that they will only be able to remove reserve control records and not brief item records, we must find a way to differentiate E- Reserve records to be removed. A possible interim measure may be to run a report that changes all the status of reserve control records for a given unit from "active" to "return", thus removing it from IRIS and avoiding the broken link problem when E-filed are removed from the server.

Karen Oster and systems personnel are refining this procedure and we hope to have a more detailed report at the system wide meeting.

* New electronic reserve procedures that we have discussed are being looked over by Judy Gardner and the Copy Center staff. I believe that we will have a finalized version available by the system wide meeting.

* RRS procedures for reserve material will be settled upon for the entire system.

Our next meeting has been collapsed into the system wide meeting. Please give me your questions and concerns and they will be included into the agenda. If the agenda warrants it, and if steady and fruitful progress is made working with the documentation, then I will call a separate meeting of our group later in March.

Many thanks for your patience, dedication and communication over the upgrade period!


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