Minutes of April 19, 2000 meeting

Roger Smith, Shirley Lewis, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, Mary Gadek, Ramon Negron, Joanna Karwowska, Myriam Alami, May Chin, Wilma Shay Haver, Georgina Alonzo, Marc Forster, Jan Reinhart

We opened the meeting with a brief discussion of the introduction of on line reserve request forms. One unit had received a copy from a faculty member for an addition to an existing list. Several units had tested the system successfully. I urge all of you to please contact your constituency and make them aware of this service. It may be especially helpful to contact department secretaries who are assembling information packets for summer lecturers and/or new faculty for the coming year.

We discussed the potential changes in the way in which we receive and send reserve material through RRS. We can expect material to be sent to us without a hold attached to the items. The material will be charged directly to "RESV-LIB" and shipped separately, labeled for the attention of reserve staff at the receiving unit. A single discharge will route the item to "RESV-LIB" and you can proceed with the reserve record creation. Keep in mind that you may see some items with holds placed on them (the old way) for some time while RRS staff makes the transition.

Statistics for Workflows circulation of reserve material have been difficult to access. As it turns out, they were being saved in a Lotus format, which several of us could not access. I worked with Karen Oster and have arranged for these stats to be saved in an MS Excel format as well. They can be found at the following path:

Excel- open file
Entire network LibTSB Vol1 Groups Common Circ Stats reserve fy9900 Month you are looking for

Let me know if this gives you any problems.

E-Reserves Update: New procedures have passed the copy center's approval. They have adjusted to updating of reserve records to include the 856 tag, and now test the link there before mailing back the paper copy to the unit. An official draft of these procedures will become available shortly. There is a new staff member at the copy center who is working with E-Reserves. Her name is Joanna Leiva and she works from 1pm-9pm.

We discussed the removal of Spring 2000 reserves. It was determined that reports can be run by systems to do one of two things. One, a report can be run to change all reserves at a given unit to "inactive". Two, a more thorough report can be run that actually removes all reserve control records from a given unit. Both of these reports can be tailored to remove the reserves for a single semester, or multiple semesters.

The advantage to running one of these reports is that on a given date, all E-Reserve files will no longer appear in Webcat. Patrons will not encounter broken links, which is something we strive to avoid. Furthermore, we can give Donna Cryan a firm date that she can use to remove the E-Reserve files from the server, thereby making room for the next semester's material.

Dean Meister at Chang Science library will be working with Karen Oster to run a report for his material this spring. Karen and I will quickly publicize the outcome of that report. If successful, I urge all of you to plan to work with Karen Unit by Unit to remove your reserves with, at very least, the report that sets all records to inactive. We will then be able to tell Donna that we have a date that e-files can come off the server, probably the end of May.

Several of you were concerned that removal of reserve material by report will cause an undue amount of work when you are dealing with items that will be repeated for reserve for the next semester. I can only remind you that copyright restrictions require these materials be removed, and replaced on reserve anyway. These reports will be run on a unit by unit basis and Karen has indicated a willingness to work with you to ensure the report targets the material you need removed. In addition I urge you to complete any work that you have in hand for material that will be on reserve for the very next semester before you schedule a report. Therefore any updated expiration dates on control records will be excluded from the remove reserve report.

It is very important to remember that if you employ either report (set to inactive or complete control record removal) you must be prepared to remove all brief item records that were created, discharge all material that needs to be returned to another unit, and physically return all material (photocopies and personal copies) that belong to faculty.

We reviewed a draft of adding multiple 856 tags at our locations for items that have periodic updates, or multiple parts. The instructions were accurate and straight forward. They will be included in the final e-reserve procedures to be distributed and will allow us to structure records for the public in a more accurate and easy to follow manner.

Zoreh reported a problem with adding a title for a reserve record, when she used the standard call# format of "PC ALXU Prof. name" she was given a warning that title already exists. As we know, the unique identifier for these records is the author, title, and barcode fields. I have seen this myself in the past. If any of you come across this please let me know and we can report it to Karen Oster.

It came up that it has been a bit confusing when some units do not conform to the established format for naming courses, including your unit's name after the ##:###:###:## format. I will encourage all units to follow suit, and will be in touch with Dana and Robeson who may miss our reports.

The group of us that are working on a definitive manual will be meeting shortly, when workflow and student staffing allow. Update to follow.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 17th from 2pm-4 PM at the CAC student center atrium conference room.

Thank you all for your constructive input,

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