Minutes of June 21, 2000 meeting

Roger Smith, Peter Anderson, May Chin, Myriam Alami, Georgina Alonzo, Joanna Karwowska, John Rake, Jan Reinhart, Mary Gadek, Beth Sawickie, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Phyllis Palfy, Marc Forster, Ramon Negron

We opened by welcoming Beth and John to the meeting!

We addressed standardization necessary for smooth removal of reserve by report. We set the standard expiration dates as 1/31 for Fall, 6/30 for the summer and 8/30 for all summer sessions. Please adhere to these dates when creating reserve control records. In addition, look for a set of guidelines coming soon detailing the formats required to expand reserve removal by report to include removal of brief records for both paper and e-copies.

We discussed our role in annual reports. I reported to the group that I would need a description of each unit's achievements/projects/staff changes and experiences over the past 12 month period. I asked everyone to please have this to me by the first week in July. You do not need to include any statistics.

The group discussed a request from the copy center to pay close attention to format problems of articles submitted for e-reserve by faculty. Articles that cause specific problems include those that mix landscape and portrait formats, articles with black borders, articles that have been shrunk to fit on a page. We agreed to pay special attention for these concerns and report them ASAP to faculty members in the hope of receiving a better copy.

In the area of E-reserves we also discussed the fact that some faculty members are now submitting copies of articles and files in electronic format only. This means that no paper copy will be available at the desk. The group could not recall any specific incidents of students frustrated at lack of paper copy, but we agreed this might occur. All reserve staff should be aware that if an article is only available electronically and students complain, the faculty member should be politely notified that he may also consider placing a paper copy on reserve.

In the realm of RRS, we discussed recent changes in procedure and re-iterated the new process. So far it has worked well and simplified the process for handling branch material for reserves. However, there has been instances where unit RRS staff still creates holds on items and this leads to confusion. I will work with the RRS group to rectify this.

Statistics-We discussed the current breakdown of statistic keeping for placing/removing items for reserve. It became apparent that there are slight differences from unit to unit. I asked that everyone fax a copy of the stats. recording sheet to me at 932-6743. I will look them over, and incorporate the best of all them into a single sheet we can all use. In addition, we hope that e-reserve access statistics will become a reality over the next year, so that we may begin to track accurately the use of these materials in order to begin to cut down on paper copies where possible. It became clear through discussion that some units, such as SERC, will not be able to cut down on hard copies due to the nearly immediate turn around time and large class size of reserve users. Once we have those stats., we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

We briefly discussed the removal of reserves by report. The units who took advantage of the process report it to be a success. Error reports included many older item records we were able to clear off. There were some strange items in the error reports, but these were kept at a manageable level that was able to be cleared up by consultation with Karen Oster. Brief records for e-reserves and paper copies are still on in many units, Karen is working on a way to remove these, and to work with me in developing easier ways to delete these records by report in the future.

Units that did not use reports for reserve removal reported that they are caught up and working on Summer and even Fall records. We discussed the concern for larger units that running reserve reports would leave large collections listed as "in-library" when physically they were stuck on reserve shelves before staff could remove them. We hope to work around this in the coming semesters by planning more staff help around these time periods to move the material off the shelves in a timely manner.

The group discussed the need for greater PR for many of reserves recent innovations, and a re-iteration of policy. I will check with Judy Gardner if an update to the "green sheet" reserve brochure can be done. In addition we agreed that perhaps a "banner type" announcement on the RUL webpage would help highlight such services as electronic reserve and electronic submission of reserve lists.

We also discussed the possibility of creating a master contact list for department secretaries, who would, with their cooperation, agree to disseminate reserve announcements to their prospective departments. This would facilitate the communication of shortened deadlines, technical innovations, and unavailability of service for whatever reason. As it stands now each of us has a haphazard manner of contacting faculty; lists that easily expire to changing staff and part time lecturers. I will explore the possibility of standardizing a comprehensive contact list.

Photocopying: The group discussed the coming changes in photocopying. We agreed that networked printing in our units will be a welcome service for e-reserve users and should generate much use. We expressed concern that these copier/printers will only be available during copy center hours at units with copy center, and we hope to be able to provide this service for all open building hours.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19th from 2-4 PM, location to be announced.

Thank You,

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