Minutes of October 18, 2000 meeting

Roger Smith, Peter Anderson, Georgina Alonzo, Mary Gadek, Irina Loutchkina, May Chin, Jan Reinhart, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Marc Forster, Beth Sawickie, Myriam Alami

The first topic we covered was electronic reserves. The group as a whole was very responsive to the idea that major changes may be needed to continue to offer electronic reserves, considering its growth and the experiences of this fall. As we look ahead to Spring, and what can be done to avoid a backlog, local reserve staff stands ready to assist the copy center by tailoring procedures to best fit their needs. Roger will work with copy center staff and Judy Gardner to ascertain exactly what went wrong and how to avoid it this Spring. In a longer term view, the group was very open to incorporating local scanning and FTP of files to assist in the e reserve process. The implementation of that would require new equipment and training for staff, as well as a close look at how much extra work this would entail for unit personnel. It was felt that perhaps voucher help would suffice in covering the increased workload at the local level. It was felt that we already have significant expertise at such locations as LSM with local scanning that training will be manageable.

The issue was raised of who should be bringing materials "live" and checking the links. Several cases of items being reported back to the unit as "live" by the copy center were actually dead links. Roger will notify copy center of this problem and consider the request that we bring these links up live locally.

We re-affirmed that a chronological order for receiving and processing e reserves is the best way to provide them in a fair manner. First delivered, first made available. Please keep this in mind when forwarding priority requests through Roger.

It was brought up that there is still a 2-3 week backlog of e-reserve submissions. Please continue to forward priority requests for these through Roger.

We touched briefly on RRS procedures and the group agreed that RRS has been functioning well for reserves. If you continue to get material that is set up improperly please forward the specific cases to Roger.

A survey of the equipment needs for our reserve desks will be coming to you shortly. Please consider the impact of e reserve and your projected needs should we scan locally. In other words, if you already have a scanner, please report that. Otherwise, PC's, both public and staff as well as printers should be considered.

Myriam Alami brought up an excellent suggestion for a change in the IRIS display of reserve records. Currently, paper and "ELECTRONIC RESERVE" items are listed one after the other for the same article. Confusion sets in for the user in the designation of the paper copy as "XLIBRARY-AUTHOR". To some degree this is meaningless to the user and is not as clear as the article's "ELECTRONIC RESERVE" counterpart. Myriam's suggestion would be to label the paper copy "PAPER RESERVE", which is more clear to the user as a traditional paper copy kept at a reserve desk. Roger will check with the appropriate individuals to see if this can be done.

During discussion we raised the issue of how many reserve fines are accruing on user's accounts through no fault of their own, but rather because items were not discharged properly by reserve staff. If not addressed quickly this will lead to major complaints by annoyed patrons, and rightfully so. Please address all your full time and student staff to be careful in discharging every returned reserve item immediately.

In discussing printing from networked copiers, it was clear that system needs significant refinement. It is still not working at several units. Students are expecting it from unit to unit and there is no consistency. Furthermore, there are often long periods of downtime when copy card dispensers fill with money and can no longer dispense cards. We hope that a reliable, efficient printing/copying system will emerge from this time period so that student expectations, which have already been raised by the introduction of the service, can be met.

Zoreh brought up an excellent point regarding the existence of old records in the system. If you browse by call number "XLIB" you will more than likely find old titles from photocopies still in the system. I will send a separate email regarding procedures for getting rid of these. Please take a look at your records and ascertain how many of these exist.

Next meeting is Wednesday November 15th from 2-4 PM in the "Cap and Skull" room, College Avenue Student Center, 4th floor.

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