Minutes of November 16, 2000 meeting

Roger Smith, Joanna Karwowska, Irina Loutchkina, Mary Gadek, Beth Sawiekie, Jan Reinhart, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonian, May Chin, Phyllis Palfy, Peter Anderson, Georgina Alonzo, Myriam Alami, Ramon Negron

Hello all,

We began discussion with a preview of the electronic reserves working group meeting that is coming up on the 28th. I announced that the copy center can now receive electronic reserve files for the Spring 2001 semester in an effort to get a head start on the spring season.

The removal date for electronic reserve files from the server will be 2 weeks from the end of exams, all local reserve records should be deactivated/removed by then to avoid broken links.

We discussed multiple 856 fields and their usage. Dean Meister from Chang forwarded me an idea to use the 928 tag, a local note, to “shadow” these URLs before they are activated. Here is a synopsis:

  1. Create a 928 with the URL information instead of an 856. (A 928 tag is a local note. We can see it and modify it but it is shadowed in webcat.
  2. Notify Copy center using our current method.
  3. Copy center FTP’s the file
  4. Copy center uses “modify title” and changes the 928 to an 856 and sends
  5. Copy center tests the URL using the usual method
  6. Copy center doesn’t need to notify the requesting library

I believe this is a sound idea and will bring it up for discussion at the electronic reserves meeting. Some of you brought up concern over the appearance of multiple 856 tags in IRIS and preferred to maintain the scheme of one paper copy record paired with its electronic reserve record. In other words, if you are keeping separate paper copies for those items why have their electronic copies “hidden” under a single e-reserve record. I understand your thinking and will speak with some of you individually before the e-reserve meeting to better present this concern.

The group discussed changing the naming convention of “X-Lib” to something more descriptive and in keeping with the more useful “ELECTRONIC RESERVE”. Joanna broke the deadlock with the wise choice of “PHOTOCOPY-LIB”. The group was in agreement on this. Ann Snowman suggested to me that we expand the protocol to include personal copies, currently labeled “PC-Lib”. In an effort to better define these items for what they are, she suggested “PROFESSOR’S COPY-LIB”. I would ask if any of you have any further comments or suggestions on this, and if not, I will move to make it our standard procedure for the spring. You can go ahead and use the convention of “PHOTOCOPY-LIB” for spring articles you have already received. Be sure to add it to your key express macros. Thank you Myriam and Joanna for your input on this.

We discussed Glen Sandberg’s draft of a proposal to continue circulating reserve materials to “blocked” users while maintaining that “barred” users should not have access to reserves. We support this policy and will continue to practice it.

The group discussed an initiative led by Dean at Chang, Peter at SERC and Bob Warwick at TAS to develop a report by which reserve desks can catch items checked out to users and never discharged upon return, thereby accruing fines the user should not be troubled with. Complaints about this situation abound on AAL. The report was successful for Chang and I will work with Bob to make it available to all reserve desk staff. It would come to the email of a designated recipient and would need to be reviewed for items on our reserve shelves but still checked out to a user erroneously. Stay tuned for an update on this useful innovation.

Very soon I will send an email detailing information on removing reserves by report. I will send you the parameters that are available (changing status of control record/removing control records/removing brief records) and the parameters that need to be submitted to me in order for me to pass that info along to Karen at TAS for her to accomplish this for us.

Karen Oster is working on reports that specify reserve control records with an expiration date of “never”. She promised to let me know when these would be available on a very busy TAS schedule.

We touched base on some issues of copyright. Someone asked if a photocopy of an entire book could be placed on reserve. I will check with Judy for clarification. There was mention that Jeanne Boyle was working on a comprehensive copyright document. I will check into this and keep you advised.

The next meeting, a “holiday meeting”, will be held at the Busch Dining Hall’s faculty dining room. The date will be Wednesday, December 20th. The exact time will be determined later, but plan on approximately 11:00 am for coverage. We can purchase our own food at the dining room.

Thank you,
Roger Smith

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