Minutes of January 17, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Mary Gadek, Marc Forster, Georgina Alonzo, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, May Chin, Jan Reinhart, Eva Kalamotouisis, Joanna Karwowska, Pete Anderson, Myriam Alami, Eugene McElroy, Ramon Negron, Dean Meister.
Irina Loutchkina


  1. Review Removal of Reserves by Report
    • Newer Reports to follow
    • Review standardization for Spring 01 brief records, control records, (no keep at desk check)
  2. Six month review, accomplishments
  3. Reserve Desk hours, uniformity, either building hours or 15 min prior to closing
  4. Reserve Brief Records, Indicator Fields
  5. E Reserve-online guide for remote users-Marc
  6. Expiration date, Global change if necessary:
    • Modify Reserve
    • Enter field (instructor name or ID, or course name or ID)
    • Enter change to field on top part
    • Select modify all, changes will be made to all the control records for that entry (minutes will have more info and screen print)
  7. Reinforce need to remove brief records, Karen removed many records from FAL99 through SUM00
  8. Audio Reserve Trial-Jan Reinhart from Music
  9. Copy Center Appointments to see process for E-Reserves
  10. Next meeting/info sharing.

We opened the meeting by discussing the results of the removal of reserves by report. Libraries participating reported positive results, with easy to use error reports that serve as checks to see what is still on reserve from previous semesters. I encouraged all to participate in this process in the Spring.

To that end we reviewed the standardization efforts in place to ensure smooth removal of both reserve control records as well as brief records created for reserve.

Brief records:

Please be sure to use "add brief title" when creating brief records for Photocopies, Professor's Copies or Electronic reserve copies. Be sure to select "Temporary" as the format. The class scheme is defaulted as "auto" when using this icon. Be sure to use the correct call number format for these items as discussed. Please ask if you are not sure!

Control Records:

Please be sure to make sure you are not selecting "keep copies at desk" when creating these records. Also, please check your expiration dates! As agreed upon in the August meeting we should be using 6/30/2001. If you were not, there is a simple way to fix the records already created. Here are the directions:

  1. Select "Modify Reserve"
  2. Select "Instructor Name" from pull down menu (see picture 1)
  3. Search for an instructor you have already placed reserves on for
  4. In the section labeled "Global Edit Field Values", fill in "6/30/2001 for expiration date. (see picture 2)
  5. In the section labeled "List of Reserves", leave the radio button set to modify: all (see picture 2), click "OK"
  6. This process will change the expiration date for all reserve control records for that professor. You could also have searched by course title or course ID, or instructor ID as well.
  7. Before you create any more reserves, change the property default under your "create reserve" icon to match 6/30/2001 in the expiration field.

Jan Reinhart from music discussed an interesting development of electronic reserves at his unit. He will be using streaming audio technology to place music files on reserve for remote users to access. The files are not able to be downloaded and therefore do not infringe on any copyright. This process is in development and we are sure to hear more about it.

We discussed submission of reserve desk hours to Tracey Meyer, who is now working at systems. When polled, a few of us cut fifteen minutes off of the reserve desk closing time, in an effort to match the time when the desk stops checking out new materials. However, we agreed that we continue to receive returned reserves right up to the minute we are closing the desk. In the future, we should all submit reserve desk hours for Unicorn that match the time which we no longer accept items returned to the desk for discharge.

Marc Forster presented some excellent developments in providing an on line "tutorial" to help remote users better utilize e reserve files and the Adobe Acrobat reader. Marc's idea was to list a default e reserve item on each reserve list that contained e reserves. This first item would contain a link directly to a file that explained usage of the adobe acrobat reader, optimum viewing and printing options, and saving options. Users would already be within the Adobe environment when using this tool so they would be able to see the icons as they are explained. Marc also has developed a plan to provide significantly better scans of material. Both of these items will be discussed at the E-Reserve meeting scheduled for the end of this month and I am sure both initiatives will be revisited by this group and vastly improve our service.

Donna Cryan at the copy center has opened her doors to us to provide a "tour" of her operations. Seeing the copy center side of the operation can greatly improve our understanding of the process, especially with the possibility that many local staff may be involved in these processes themselves soon. She asks that you please call in advance to schedule a time and asks only a few visitors at a time make these plans. I encourage you all to do so.

Donna also asks to remember to divide e reserve submissions into groups of no more than 10-15 pages, and count pages with images and graphics as 3 pages. Any questions can be directed to ereserve@rci

We briefly discussed the mid year report. I am compiling the report of our accomplishments and projects over the past six months. I will circulate that document to you tomorrow for review; please email me with additions/corrections.

We touched base on the developing report that will detail items still checked out to users at closing time, that we can use to catch items returned but not discharged. Bob Warwick is still trying to fit in a scheduled time to run this report in the evening, a crowded time for reports. We discussed delivery options of this report. With Dean Meister's input we agreed that the best means of delivery would be to a 'finished report" icon that would be able to be accessed by any closing staff, and would only allow them to see the finished report for that unit, and print it. Having a very long list of email addresses would be unwieldy and unreliable, as there is too much turn over of closing staff. Systems would not wish to have to edit that info on a regular basis. I will continue to fine tune this process with Bob and keep you posted.

We discussed an option presented to us by Dean Meister. When creating brief records, and you absolutely wish to retain the article preceding the title, ("a" "an" or "the"), you can use these indicator fields following the "245" Marc Record Tag.

The     245     14     "The Science of... (this title will file under Science)
An     245     13     "An Example of... (this title will file under Example)
A     245     12     "A Place in the... (this title will file under Place)

The key is you must do one or the other, either remove the article and leave the indicator field blank, or leave the article and use the correct indicator for it, as listed above.

Also, if you want to do this, you must use "title create", not "add brief title". When doing so, you must remember to select the class scheme of "auto" and the format of "temporary" to keep your brief records all the same.

We discussed some delays in receiving material ordered for purchase for reserve. These should be priority one orders. Please cite specific delays and send them to me, I will look into it.

We addressed the fact that when electronic reserves share a common brief record at two locations, both locations have to remove the control records before the brief record can be removed. This will not be a problem once all units are utilizing reports to remove control and brief records. For now, a phone call will have to suffice to request the other unit remove the control records from the item so that the brief record can be removed.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, February 21st from 2pm through 4 pm at the Atrium Conference Room, College Avenue Student Center.

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