Minutes of March 21, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, May Chin, Phyllis Palfy, Kumu Sivarajan, Jan Reinhart, Irina Loutchkina, Myriam Alami, Mary Gadek, Marc Forster, Georgina Alonzo, Pete Anderson, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Dean Meister


  1. Moving items still checked out reports to unicorn logins, evening runs.
    Roger: 9:30
    Dean: 11:30
    Everyone needs to send me that info
  2. Roll over of Spring E reserve files to Summer 01 and Fall 01
    On May 1st both Summer01 and Fall01 directories will be created on the web server. We will be able to roll over files to each, but must specify carefully which semester we want, and indicate all changes in course name, number, faculty name and semester.
  3. Systems concerns-Friday-Never report w/Dean
  4. Sirsi upgrade, August downtime, planning-contact users and profs.
    About 800 profs have reserve lists this semester. Judy will look into sending these profs notices to get fall01 reserves in on time.
  5. Benefits of new upgrade
    • Charge reserve merged into checkout
    • Course and User ID Carry over-controlled by properties, as are many elements of this release.
    • Time stamps are added to checkout transactions
  6. Update on implementation/training for new E reserve/RRS hardware and software.
  7. May-updated reserve form for submissions-prioritize by weeks of the semester
  8. Demo of merged e-reserve and paper reserve file: Dean
  9. Info Sharing, Next meeting April 18th

First of all, sorry about the room confusion, that was my fault. I am glad that you all made it to the meeting!

We opened the meeting with a discussion of the soon to be implemented nightly reserve “still checked out” reports. Dean, Roger and Peter will shortly move their reports to evening time slots. If Bob Warwick is satisfied with the efficiency of the time slot I will poll you for your login(s) that you wish to have the finished reports directed to as well as the time slots that you need to have them run in. Also, I will distribute a finished copy of the procedures for accessing these reports that we reviewed as a draft. All of this should take place before the next meeting so be on the lookout for emails.

The next item of business was the roll over of Spring 01 e reserve files to Summer 01 and Fall 01. This has been ok’d by Judy Gardner and on May 1st new directories on the server will be created to house these retained files. So, starting May 1st we may direct requests to roll over files to ereserve@rci

We will need to be very specific regarding changes to be made, as always we need to clearly indicate any changes to course name or number or professor name. Now we have to be clear about which upcoming semester we wish to retain the file for as well. I will update the online directions for this procedure to include this new structure.

We discussed the copyright ramifications of this procedure and reviewed the fact that we need to have clean breaks with the IRIS records, all control records and brief records must be removed regardless of whether the e file is being rolled over on the server or not.

I will work with Dean in the coming week to develop and deliver those “Never” reports, items with control records having expiration dates of “Never”. I know it seems that you have “never” gotten them, I will try and make good this week!

We discussed the ramifications of the Sirsi upgrade in August.

First, the good news:

The new release will contain several enhancements that will benefit us greatly. Retention of “course” and “professor’s ID” from create control to the next returns to us. This was greatly missed. Also, checkout and charge reserve are being rolled into a single icon. Many of the characteristics of the new release are controlled by properties, and are therefore locally changeable. The new release should be available in the test system soon, and I may call on several of you to come together with me and test all reserve functions. We may need to develop a standard property list to establish uniformity in practice and procedure across NB RUL.

The bad news:

The new release is scheduled to be implemented the last week or two of August, which is prime time for reserve list processing. Currently, 800 faculty members have reserve lists across RUL. Judy Gardner is looking into sending them each a message alerting them to the downtime in August, and to plan accordingly if they are teaching in the fall. Of course not all of them are, and there are others that we would not reach in that manner. I will look into getting the message to department secretaries, and I ask that all of you utilize the means of contact that you have with your reserve constituents to alert them to have fall 01 reserve lists in very early in the summer, or expect delays in processing through the first few weeks of September.

A suggestion was made to include a brief explanation of the copyright responsibilities of the faculty member. I will look into whether this is the right time/place to do this. We may not want to overload the targeted audience with messages on this one.

No new news was available on the planned upgrade and de centralization of Reserve scanning. It was reported that PO’s were out on the equipment, but implementation and training information/plans are forthcoming.

We reviewed a copy of May Chin’s suggestion to Judy Gardner to include a request for faculty members to prioritize reserve submissions by weeks of the semester. This will be helpful to us in processing reserves in a better manner to match teaching schedules. Wording will be included both in the on-line reserve documentation, as well as a line to that effect on our paper forms. It was pointed out that we do not all use the same reserve forms when we hand out paper copies. I will arrange for distribution of these forms so we use the same one.

A problem was reported in displaying multiple copies on reserve. In Workflows, when copy 2 of an item is placed on reserve, the system reverts to copy 1 when the item is searched and displays “not on reserve”. This does not translate to Webcat, which displays all the copies for an item and a user can see which is on reserve or not. It is confusing for the staff member when checking to see the status of a reserve in Workflows however. This is something that will need to be looked for in the new release and reported. Thank you to those reporting this.

We discussed the use of “permanent” reserve for sections of journals that have been acquired to replace stolen pages, issues or volumes. In order to prevent re-peat theft of the material, several of use reported that they were placing these on reserve and questioned the copyright validity of this practice. The consensus was that the material was paid for by RUL therefore can be retained in the collection. I will check on the legality of this interpretation.

We briefly discussed the plan to merge paper copies and electronic reserve records into a single display on IRIS in order to shorten lists. Dean distributed a copy of a demo in the test system. Some more enhancements are needed and will be done incorporating several suggestions from the group. I have also received questions and suggestions via email from many of you, thank you Myriam, Ann, Zohreh, Dean and Marc for your ideas and I will look for another test version for our review before submitting anything to Judy Gardner for review.

There was a brief discussion of reserve fines, which we will look at more closely next meeting. Zohreh reported the possibility of the system assigning $2.00 for the first hour of an overdue. This was not reported by anyone else, but may be an example of a local system problem and I will look into it.

Next meeting, Wednesday April 18th from 2-4 PM place to be decided.

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