Minutes of April 17, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Irina Loutchkina, Georgina Alonzo, May Chin, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, Kumu Sivarajan, Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami, Mary C. Gadek, Eugene McElroy, Jan Reinhart
Marc Forster, Dean Meister, Joanna Karwowska


  1. Still checked out at closing reports: update: gathering logins and times and looking at document for icon addition.
  2. Sirsi Upgrade; testing, timetable and how it effects us May 22,23. August downtime clarification.
  3. Never reports-reserve items/e-reserve records with “NEVER” expiry.
  4. Removal of reserves by report-scheduled week after upgrade and to coincide with removal of Spring 01 directory on web server.
  5. Review of reserve fines, “grace period” 1 hr or 15 min., amounts. Ordering of textbooks allowed.
  6. Ordering of books for reserves, procedure, on line form.
  7. Roll over procedure, review, and documentation.
  8. Reserve Request forms, uniform printable .pdf version to appear on staff resources
  9. Info Sharing

Thank you all for a very productive and spirited meeting.

We opened discussion with a review of the implementation of “reserve still checked out at closing reports”. I am collecting one SIRSI login from each desk, preferably one that is accessible by closing staff (including students we can train to access the finished report icon), and one timeslot in the evening (before midnight) that is useful to your unit. After I collect these I will contact Bob Warwick and ask that he add each of your units to the report schedule. We can also give one email address that we wish to have a copy of the report sent to, so that if you like you can see what transpired the night before and keep tabs as to how many items are not being discharged. We re-iterated that this report is not a catch all for missed discharges, and we need to continue to impress upon desk staff to discharge all items returned to the desk promptly.

We discussed at length the May 22, 23 implementation of Unicorn2000. Judy Gardner and I had briefly discussed the fact that these dates basically coincided with planned dates to remove reserve control/brief records by report, and to remove Spring 01 e reserve files from the server. The group was in favor of moving those two processes up a week, to about the 16th rather than pushing them back until late May. The reasoning is that with the removal of online records we can proceed to deal with the physical movement of the books in a more timely fashion, rather than sitting on our hands for that period. Also, those dates still give makeup exam takers a week to get to the material, which we feel is adequate. In addition, getting the reserves off earlier helps assure that our shelves will be better prepared to handle summer reserves on the 30th of May.

Also effecting our group will be the testing of the new release. I have documentation and a list of all reserve functions to be tested. I am awaiting the addition of the test system to my PC. Zohreh has volunteered to help Dean and myself test the new release. More info to come, especially if we find any radical departures from our current procedure!

We touched base on the “NEVER” reports. Let me know if you could not find them for your units. Please go through them and check for any items that your do not want on a “permanent” basis. Remember that no E- reserve control record should have an expiration date of “NEVER”. These should be changed immediately.

We reviewed reserve fines. It was agreed that the grace period should be reduced from the current 1 hour, to 15 minutes. Therefore, at 2 hours and 16 minutes a $1.00 fine will accrue. The second dollar is added at 3 hours from time of checkout. I will ok this with Judy Gardner and then ask Tracey Meyer to implement it.

We reviewed our policy for retaining fines when items need to be removed from reserve. Fines should be cleared so that the item can be removed. However the fine information should be retained in the pub note field and the patron’s status changed to “blocked”. Identifying information about the item involved should be included in the pub note; barcode for an RUL item and title for a professor’s copy or photocopy (as these will be removed from the system). Items that have fines attached, I believe, will appear on the error report for reserves that can not be removed by report. They will have to be attended to individually with the instructions written above.

We discussed ordering books for reserves online. I shared with the group the use of the online submission form for these purchases through acquisitions. It can be found using the path RUL Home---About the Libraries---Staff Resources---Acquisitions---Forms---Monograph/Firm Order Request (online form).

Click on “Submit” after filling out the required fields, including fund (REMX), location, Reserve Course Number and Bib Information (can be cut and pasted) as well as clicking the radio buttons for; added copy at location=OK, Order Priority =1 and Catalog Priority =1. Selector remains blank. Print out a copy for your records until you receive the book. I want to thank Mickey at acquisitions and Judy for their direction in this matter.

We reviewed the edited “roll over” documentation that included procedures for rolling over e reserve files to the summer and fall semesters. I want to stress that when you submit requests to ereserve@rci to retain these files, you be very specific about the semester you wish to retain them for. During a very informative discussion it became apparent that we need to develop a comprehensive document detailing policy and procedure in this matter, especially pertaining to how we handle retention of control records. We discussed the option of duplicating records, and leaving them dormant until needed for the future semester. Zohreh and the Alexander staff had several interesting insights on this, especially the management of barcodes on duplicated files. I will depend on them to be the core of a subgroup aimed at settling the roll over procedure, with an eye towards maximizing savings in time and effort for both local reserve staff and copy center. More to follow certainly.

We discussed the additions to the online reserve request forms and the paper request form that we use. May’s suggestions that we approved at the last meeting to incorporate a request for faculty to arrange reserves chronologically will appear soon, prefacing the electronic submission forms. Furthermore, a downloadable, printable copy will appear on the staff resources section of the web site. We agreed to keep it on the staff side, as we would prefer to have faculty use the electronic submission system. However, we would have a uniform copy to print and distribute at the desks as need be. A good suggestion was made to include the “required fields” indicators on our paper reserve request form. I will look to include that.

I agreed to check with Bill McNellis on how Trap Holds will effect RRS ordering of reserve material. Thanks Georgina for that insight.

We discussed another hot topic in our group, combining e reserve records with paper copy records. We went over advantages and disadvantages, and we agreed that we, as well as Judy Gardner, would need to look closely at working models in the test system before we proceed. Thank you Myriam and Dean for your continuing work on this matter. This is a change that we will not institute until Fall 01 reserves anyway, my feeling is we should settle implementation of Unicorn 2000 before we proceed.

I shared a brief update on the local scanning initiative. Scanners have arrived, and Windows 2000 machines should shortly. They will be set up at the Alexander copy center first, and fully tested. I imagine the electronic reserves committee will meet and begin development of training plans. More to follow shortly!

Myriam will send me a remote access guide prepared at her unit. Perhaps we will share with everyone at next meeting, or sooner!

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 16th from 2pm-4pm at the Atrium Conference Room, College Avenue Student Center.

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