Minutes of August 15, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Kristen Ko, Ramon Negron, Georgina Alonzo, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, May Chin, Kumu Sivarajan, Eva Kalamotousis, Myriam Alami, Dean Meister
Mary Gadek, Irina Loutchkina


  1. Scanner installs, Eres in general.
    • New Machines, scanning, process review. Overflow work.
    • Electronic Files
    • Stats. for Eres
    • Eres survey, late October
    • Voucher help.
  2. Downtime plans
    • Scanning, removal of summer records/etc.
  3. Removal reports
    • Removal of summer reserves
    • Removal of old brief records, review of format for these records.
    • Re-Using old brief records, why this interferes with removal reports.
    • What to do with reserve fines, what will we waive/place on pub notes?
  4. Future reports, brainstorm uses, projects.
  5. Fall 01 still checked out reports.
  6. Info Sharing, next meeting

We began the meeting with a review of the proceedings of the electronic reserve working group.

Scanners and associated PCs are in place. Training has been conducted at Dana, Douglass, Kilmer, and Alex-U. Training is scheduled for Camden for Tuesday, 8/21. LSM will follow shortly thereafter once equipment is installed.

Myriam reported ease of use of the new equipment, and a sense of greater control over the e reserve process. We reviewed scanning workflow, and projected the further decentralization of the process. With FTP access being used in Chang and LSM, experience is being gained in this function. Please continue to forward questions to copy and center and myself.

I shared with the group the directive that electronic files should be forwarded to Copy Center for processing. As we gain more expertise with these files and standards are set more can be handled locally.

We discussed keeping a record of time and voucher money spent on scanning by student assistants in order to justify a request for more voucher help. Remember, documentation is the best way to indicate a need.

We reviewed a sheet of statistics for e reserve transactions, based on bytes transferred from the web server. Although they are not specific to files or units, having two years of statistics for comparison allows for trends to become apparent. E reserve usage continues to rise.

We reviewed the e reserve survey that is set to be issued for one week late in October. The survey will be a pop up screen in the reserves module. We reviewed the question, noting that the questions selected are intended to provide us information about how to better serve our clients with e reserve in terms of structuring help, print quality, and file size.

We discussed the possibility of a “poor quality original” stamp. This would be placed on articles that were delivered by faculty in poor condition. After an attempt to contact the instructor and get a replacement, this stamp could help clarify to the students why the article in question is in such poor shape. I will look into it.

Downtime. We reviewed downtime plans for reserves. Circulation of material on reserve will be by retaining ID cards. I recommend that we all set aside a closed drawer for these Ids, as leaving them in the open can divulge who has something out. Scanning can progress during downtime, considering that reserve work on Workflows can wait until after the system returns.

We discussed removal of summer reserves by report. Dean Meister left the meeting at this point to dedicate time to running preview lists of items on reserve at each of our units. These preview lists can be used to determine if any items need to be rolled over for Fall 01. A separate email will detail these results.

We discussed the recent removal of old brief records created for reserve. Each unit had a small number of “error” records that were not removed mostly because of associated fines. We need to remove those fines, and then proceed with removal of control/brief records. In removing the fines, the group decided to note the transaction in the pub note. Smaller fines ($2-$5) were more likely to actually represent borrower lateness, so those will be held accountable. Larger fines, especially the full $25 fine, can be waived. Again, this is only for the few instances of these old brief records, not a new fine policy. When creating PUB notes be sure to include the standard unit/date/initials format.

We reviewed the usage of reports for reserve, and will consider future uses/projects in coming meetings. I also urged members of our group to consider participating in new reports training should it materialize this fall. This is becoming a crucial skill in reserve management.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, September 19th.

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