Minutes of November 21, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Jennifer Muller, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Kumu Sivarajan, Peter Anderson, Myriam Alami, Jan Reinhart
Dean Meister, Kristen Ko, Phyllis Palfy, Irina Loutchkina, Joanna Karwowska


  1. Removal of summer reserve, brief records and control records. How did it go? Results on T drive, TSB
  2. Results of system crash: Lost files?
  3. Items circulating on “closed” days, mostly Alex and LSM during Xmas holiday. Items will need to be manually circulated, or the 2 hour due date verbally conferred to patrons.
  4. E Reserve Folders on the “U” Drive: Check w/Donna for modifications to the file structure. Continue with smaller files. Avoid files for each professor.
  5. 11/15-Due date for Spring Reserves, did we get any? Also, Spr01 file should be created and available for files on the web server.
  6. We need to establish standard dates for removal of control records and bib records. This will involve two sets of dates,
    • On which date will they be removed, and
    • What “created on” date will be used to define the records to be removed.
  7. Printing Problems, file quality-solution? "Print as Image" box. We plan to add this general printing tip to Electronic Reserves User's Guide as well.- further advertising
  8. Statistics: review sheet for our own stats gathering
  9. Barred professors and processing reserves: A review.
  10. Problem with creating course: Workflow error message: “Format not defined”
  11. E-Reserve survey: What did we learn so far?
  12. Grades on reserve: NO
  13. Best Copy Available: I asked Donna to put border on it.
  14. Update on getting more reserve info attached to HOLDS.
  15. Using records from other units: we cannot add on individual reserve records to existing control records, duplicates items on 1st unit’s list.
  16. Next meeting: Holiday Party? Kam Gardens? Wednesday, December 19th?

We opened the meeting by discussing the issue of summer reserves removed. We looked at the number of records removed for the libraries and discussed the location of the report detailing items removed. They can be found at:

We discussed the recent system crash of the weekend of 11/11-11/18. At LSM I lost control records and a course record created in the week prior to the crash. This is the result of the fact that the only full backup that systems had to work with was a full week old. Systems is working to restore records from the intervening week, but I urge all of you to check your work over that period of time for lost records. Zohreh reported to me that she lost two courses at Alexander. In this incident, a book belonging to Dana was on reserve at Alex. Somehow, the system altered the bib record of the item, changing home location and current location from stacks to “reserve”. In addition, the “permanent” button was checked off. Be careful when looking for lost records that this did not happen to other unit’s books at your reserve desk.


A new set of roll over instructions will be needed for those units who scan e files themselves/have FTP privileges. I will distribute these in a separate mailing. They are submitted to Judy and Donna and awaiting review.

For those units that still deal directly with the copy center for E Reserve processing, this is a reminder that the instructions for rolling over files from one semester to the next can be found at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.html You have to follow the links from staff resources-access services-procedures-electronic reserves-Procedures for "rolling over" Electronic Reserve Files.

We briefly discussed the circulation of reserve items over days projected to be “closed”, on workflows. This period will be Dec.22-Jan.1, 2002. Books will not fall due during this period. The reserve desks will be “closed” during this time period and so we will have to verbally confer to the patrons who borrow material that their reserves are due back in two hours, because the system will indicate an alternate due date. This shouldn’t be a major concern as circulation of reserve material will be very low during these times. Creation of reserve/class records will not be affected. Stay tuned for a clarification on this event.

We discussed several points raised by Donna Cryan in a memo regarding folder structure on the U:\ drive. Donna relates that if we want different folders added or deleted, please ask her first. Having folders set up for each professor makes it difficult for copy center, and other units, to find files needed for common reserves. Also, copy center does spot check file size and having a uniform folder structure helps them navigate the drive. Summer01 files have been removed, and the directories deleted. The Spring02 directory has been created on the web server and can receive files. Continue to pay close attention to file size when creating and saving e reserve files.

The group touched briefly on the fact that the official November 14th deadline for spring reserves. Very few are in hand all ready.

We discussed the situation whereby a faculty member may request reserves for their course when they are barred as a user. We will still process the reserve, as otherwise we would be denying the prof’s students access to material unfairly. Dealing with the faculty member’s delinquency would be a matter for the circulation desk. However, if a faculty member asks us to override their status to obtain material that they want to “eventually put on reserve, but need to see first”, we would not do so and ask that they clear their record with circulation.

There was an error message when creating courses in Workflows where a message appeared indicating “Format not defined-coursex”. This was reported to systems, and Chris Sterback reported that “the course extended information table was missing from the system. I added it back in and that seemed to solve the problem.” Please let me know if any of you encounter this problem.

A request was submitted to Chang library to place exam grades on reserve. Dean asked me, and I in turn asked Judy Gardner if this should be an accepted practice. The answer was no. We cannot guarantee confidentiality, even with truncated SSN#’s. Furthermore, this practice could lead to faculty members attempting to place final semester grades on reserve, during the times of the semester we are removing e files. Judy indicated that any comments or complaints can be directed to her or Jean Boyle.

I have asked Donna if we can reformat the “Best Copy Available” stamp to have a defined black border around the text in order for it to stand out better. I will let you know when this can be implemented.

The E Reserve Survey has been collected and is being analyzed for patterns in information that can be used to enhance or focus the service. More info to follow at our next meeting.

A discussion point that came from this group has yielded some interesting ideas. The problem at hand extends from the conception that holds are purged from the RESV-LIB self services account after 28 days. In consultation with Bill McNellis, I discovered the possibility that we can add a “comments” field to existing holds. This could be used to attach more information to a hold, indicating

I will continue efforts to get a bookmark to highlight optimal viewing/printing of electronic reserves. This would include the “print as image” option that often alleviates distortions.

I will shortly distribute a sheet of out statistic keeping. This sheet will include a list and description of the statistics we keep, how they are kept, and to whom they are reported and when. A review of the new unit statistics sheet coming shortly from Nancy Hendrikson’s office will be helpful in deciphering what we keep stats on for ourselves.

Standard Dates for removal of control records/e files/bib records. In an effort to develop a sound game plan for the end of each semester, our group reviewed the timeframes for removal of reserves that accompany the end of each semester. Here is the standard scenario we envisioned for the end of the semester: Reserve Control Record pre-set expiration dates: Fall:1/31 Spring:5/31, Summer 8/31

We discussed the issue of using other unit’s control records. This is a practice that cannot go on because for two reasons: 1. the possibility exists of cross listing reserve records, with a result of an inflated list at the first unit indicating reserves at two libraries. And 2., removal of reserves by report are hampered when two units share the same control record.

I am testing the functionality of the next workflows release. I may call on some of you to assist in this task, as it was effectively done last time by a small team that contributed different points of view. This helped in covering all the bases.

Next meeting: Holiday Meeting! Based on our successful holiday meetings of the past the group has decided to once again meet at the Kam Gardens buffet on Easton Ave South (in the Boston Market shopping plaza) at one PM on Wednesday, December 12th. Plan now for desk coverage if needed!

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