Minutes of December 12, 2001 meeting

Roger Smith, Dean Meister, Jan Reinhart, Jennifer Muller, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami.
May Chin, Mary Gadek


  1. Testing new workflows: update
  2. Roll-overs-direction sheet
  3. Statistics Sheet
  4. Hold information-the holds should stay in the file, we need to get a note into the hold comments field as per Bill McNelis’ idea.
  5. Preview lists
  6. Reminder: reserve desks “closed” over winter holiday. Will effect circulation of reserves at LSM and Alexander.
  7. Winter session expiry dates, use 5/31/2002 and Spr02 files
  8. Circulating Reserves with no ID card
  9. FTP Privileges-coming
  10. List of resources/manuals.
  11. Next meeting: Wednesday, January 16th from 2-4 PM in the Cap and Skull Room of the College Ave Student Center.

I want to say thank to everyone for making the holiday meeting a festive and productive one. Happy Holidays to one and all!

We began the discussion by discussing the testing of the new workflows release. Thank you to Myriam and Kristen for their work in testing. There were several shortfalls found, but it is believed they are issues that can be resolved locally with preferences/settings. I am continuing to explore with systems. On a positive note, several improvements were noted. These include better carry over of course and prof. info from one “create reserve” session to the next, the ability to remove individual reserves from an item with multiple reserves, and the more descriptive label of “item barcode” instead of “item ID”.

We reviewed the new roll over documentation that pertains specifically to those units that scan. I circulated a copy, and they should be posted to the web soon. For any branch that deals directly with the copy center and needs to use the “old” directions, which can be found by - going to staff resources, then access services, then procedures, then electronic reserves, then <Procedures  for  "rolling  over" Electronic Reserve Files>, which is the last selection of the first paragraph.

We reviewed a list of statistics kept for reserve, how they gathered, to whom they are reported, and for what reports they are needed. We paired down a few statistics that are no longer kept.

The statistics we are gathering (or are gathered for us) are:

There was also a question about where and how to view monthly reserve circulation statistics. I am investigating with Tracey Meyer about how we can make these more accessible.

Dean Meister has circulated “Preview Lists” for items on reserve for the fall semester. Dean reminds us: (The preview list contains) items on reserve with an expiration date before 2/1/02. These items will be removed by report in Jan 2002. Any brief records created for these items will also be deleted.

Edit reserve for anything you want to keep On Reserve. A reminder ... The standard dates are 1/31 5/31 8/31. Call me this afternoon if you have questions.

For LSM and Alexander, the reserve desk will be “closed” in SIRSI. Any reserve items circulated during this time will have a due date of the next day the system is “open” or 1/2/02. Remember to verbally tell patrons their items are due back in two hours. We expect very few.

For the few winter session classes, we agreed to use the spring control record expiration date, 5/31/02 and to file e reserves in the spring02 directory. We expect the number of files to be small and not take up too much space on the server.

We reviewed the procedure for circulating material when users do not have their RU Connection ID cards with them. We should look up their records in the database by Alt. ID, and if at all possible have them present an alternate form of ID to verify themselves. We should not be in the practice of holding ID’s behind the desk. This must be communicated to student employees at the desk.

I shared with the group a message from Donna Cryan that FTP privileges are in the works for the units that currently scan but still do not FTP. This will speed turn around time at those units.

The Alexander scanning team expressed the desire to have a scanner with a sheet feeder. This is something that will have to be looked at for their unit in light of the volume they work with.

Phyllis brought up a very important thing she noticed in workflows. When updating expiration dates of reserve records using Global edit function, Phyllis noticed that the individual reserves did not update as well. This would subject them to removal by report, as that report keys in on the individual expiration date. We know for certain that changing expiration dates from a date (i.e 1/31/2002) over to a value of NEVER needs to be done on BOTH basic and individual records individually for each item. However, up to now a “date to date” switch worked fine on the global edit screen. I was unable to duplicate the problem when I tried it on the current production system, but I will test it out on the test system. Please report this to me WITH EXAMPLES if you encounter this situation.

We discussed the issue of adding reserve course, professor, and semester information to the hold’s file. We hope to get the A’s team’s cooperation in adding these notes to better track the older recall files in the RESV-LIB self services’ file. I will pursue.

The next meeting is Wednesday, January 16th from 2-4 PM in the cap and skull room of the College Avenue Student Center.

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