Minutes of January 16, 2002 meeting

(From New Brunswick Access Services Reserve FG) Roger Smith, Peter Anderson, Joanna Karwowska, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Kristen Ko, Kumu Sivaranjan, Fred Onorato, Mary Gadek, Eugene McElroy, Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami, May Chin, Jan Reinhart, Dean Meister.


Judy/Donna’s Agenda:

  1. Electronic Reserve User Survey. Discussion of results, the full Report is available on the Staff Resources web page under "Access Services" / "Reports."
  2. New Scanners.
  3. Removal of fal01 eres files (Jan. 31).
  4. FTP privileges.
  5. Sharing scanned files between libraries.

Roger’s Agenda:

  1. Implementation of Workflows Upgrade: Any problems?
  2. Removal of Fall reserves-How did it go?
  3. Editing Address on RESV-LSM to include email notification.-Dean
  4. Hold information-getting a note into the hold comments field as per Bill McNelis’ idea.
  5. List of resources/manuals.
  6. Next meeting: Wednesday, February 20th, 2002

Judy/Donna’s Agenda:

1. Electronic Reserve User Survey. Discussion of results, the full Report is available on the Staff Resources web page under "Access Services" / "Reports." We approached the results in the hope that they would yield direction for bettering the service. One of the concerns that arose was how to better provide information for patrons accessing the service. An FAQ page was suggested.

2. New Scanners.-Donna

3. Donna reminded the group that the Fall01 directory will be removed from the web server on 1/31/02. The U:/ drive directories were removed earlier due to the need for space on the Alexander server.

4. FTP privileges have been extended to several units. This should facilitate faster turn around for scanning at those units.

5. Sharing scanned files between libraries. Donna reminded the group that we should not be creating any subfolders of the U:\ directories without first consulting Donna. Placing files in subfolders makes it difficult for the copy center to monitor file size and other considerations.

Roger’s Agenda:

1. We discussed the implementation of the new workflows upgrade. No major difficulties were reported. Those present were reminded to use item-Barcode with a capital “B” in barcode as a default for their search criteria. Carry over of course and instructor information in “create reserve” is smoother.

2. The removal of fall reserves records was initiated by Chris Sterback at systems. Finished reports detailing the results are available at TSB T:\ drive, located in … A discussion arose around the issue of larger units being able to physically move collections off reserve after the report removes their record. The problem centers around the fact that a large number of items are suddenly “in-library” while actually held on the reserve shelves. One solution would be to coordinate substantial student staff with this period to be able to quickly move the items to at least temporary shelving locations, or mail them back to owning units.

3. Following up on a suggestion from Dean, Roger recommends that we edit the RESV-LIB user for our units to include our emails. With this addition we take advantage of the email notification service when a reserve item arrives for reserve at out units. Thanks Dean.

4. Roger is working with Bob Warwick to explore the feasibility of the “A” team adding a note to the hold for an item recalled for reserve. This will allow us to track reserves that have not been returned from recall more easily. The note should include instructor, course, and semester information. Roger will update you with our progress.

5. As system’s schedule allows, Bob Warwick will begin introducing “still checked out at closing” reports for those units who currently do not receive them. Once the reports are in place and being generated, Roger will notify you of the status and distribute instructions for adding the finished report icon to you desktop, and how to access/print/delete this finished reports.

6. List of resources/manuals.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 20th, 2002

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