Minutes of February 20, 2002 meeting

Roger Smith, Kristen Ko, Fred Onorato, Eva Kalamotousis, Kumu Sivarajan, Zohreh Bonianian, Phyllis Palfy, May Chin, Jennifer Muller, Myriam Alami, Ramon Negron, Peter Anderson.
Irina Loutchkina, Joanna Karwowska, Dean Meister, Jan Reinhart


  1. Color E Reserves?
  2. Still Checked out reports
  3. Hold’s comments
  4. FTP privileges/process
  5. Properties page
  6. Sirsi glitches-searching IRIS and setting properties
  7. List of resources/manuals.
  8. FAQ for E-Reserves? Handout for faculty to give to students?
  9. Jan’s guides for audio reserve
  10. Next meeting: Wednesday, March 20th, 2002

1. Color E Reserves? We discussed the possibility of extending electronic reserves for color documents. Dean currently does this for a few items at Chang. Overall we decided demand was limited, but word of mouth could change that. For now, please direct requests for this type of e res document to me.

2. Still Checked out reports-Waiting for systems implementation

3. Hold’s comments-Waiting for systems implementation

4. FTP privileges/process. FTP privileges have been extended to several units and some new staff members. This has eased the ereserve process significantly at these locations and sped up processing time. Alexander U-Grad reserves has a high number of ereserve files, yet has a single sheet scanner. A feeder unit for this unit would definitely be called for, and should be considered in any budget considerations.

5. Properties page. We discussed the circulation of a draft of a web page detailing standard toolbars and property settings. Some of you have contributed edits, and I thank you. Please take a look if you haven’t and let me know if you see a glaring error. http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~jackryan/properties.html

6. Sirsi glitches-searching IRIS and setting properties. Two glitches have been reported to Chris Sterback at systems, and through him to Sirsi. The first of which involves setting properties for the “DISPLAY COURSE” icon. No matter which default search selection is checked off, the execution of the icon will default to “current”. The second glitch was discovered by Barry at Kilmer and involves the indexing of courses in the reserve module of webcat. When searching by course name, there are omissions in courses being displayed. They display correctly in workflows, and in both workflows and webcat when searched for by instructor name.

7. List of resources/manuals. At our last meeting, which included Donna Cryan and Judy Gardner, we highlighted several ways to better collect our resources into a single access point. In an effort to provide this, I have started a web page for our group. I highlight that this is very much a draft, and I envision it as being part of the main access services page, which does serve as a collection point for document, minutes, and schedules of events. At any rate, I will continue to expand this site to tie together all the electronic resources we use in our work, and often have to go looking for. As with the properties page, I have received valuable input from some of you. Please keep it coming. http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~jackryan/NBLreserves.html

8. FAQ for E-Reserves. Another suggestion tabled at our last gathering was to create a comprehensive FAQ for ereserve, most likely to be displayed in an electronic format. I have asked for volunteers for a subgroup to move this effort to completion quickly, and Kumu, Kristen, Ramon and Myriam volunteered. I will call a meeting of this group in the next few weeks and I anticipate a draft will result that will circulate for input.

9. Also developing from our last meeting is the need to examine the reserve literature currently held in print and online, namely the “Reserve services a guide for faculty” and “Reserve services user guide”. The “user guide” should be provided as a one-page handout that will be distributed to faculty when they hand in reserves. A scenario would see a faculty member handing in reserves and be handed back however many fliers he needs for each student in his class. Other considerations brought up in our discussion included the opportunity to clearly define expectations of availability for eres documents, and to indicate that if the unit scans their own material (Chang, LSM, Alex reserve, Dglss, Kilmer) only one copy need be submitted, and for branch libraries two copies are beneficial, one for immediate paper processing, and the other for Image Services to scan.

10. I promised to look into how well ereserve documents can be emailed, with an eye toward documentation.

11. Jennifer Muller provided an update on Media reserve progress. Media has yet to have an electronic reserve submission page through the online faculty guide, and they are working with Sam to implement one. Jan has also developed several nice handouts to distribute to faculty and staff that highlight the process for accessing Audio/Video reserves. This is important for their unique service.

12. Ramon brought up an interesting consideration about voucher help for scanning. For those of you planning next year’s workload I urge you to work closely with your student staff coordinator and other managers in order to develop a job description that gets you a higher paid voucher who will have other tasks to work on beyond the 6 week or so “crunch time” of reserve processing at the start of each semester. This way we can pay a student a fair wage for doing more work than the average desk assistant, and have tasks for them to do on a regular basis when reserves are caught up. Plan ahead! Also, overflow reserves are still welcomed at Image Services.

13. Phyllis brought up and interesting topic with something she observed at Alexander, Microsoft Internet Explorer seemed to be resorting to a cached copy of an article even after the machine was rebooted (and an altered copy was known to have been FTP’d to the web server). I have noticed an intermittent, similar situation on Netscape. I will confer with systems on possible causes/solutions.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 20th, 2002

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