Minutes of March 20, 2002 meeting

Roger Smith, Joanna Karwowska, May Chin, Phyllis Palfy, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Ramon Negron, Kristen Ko, Dean Meister, Peter Anderson, Irina Loutchkina, Jan Reinhart
Fred Onorato, Myriam Alami, Jennifer Muller, Kumu Sivaranjan


  1. Video E Reserve
  2. FAQ’s
  3. Mid Year Report
  4. Schedule of events-reports
  5. Info Sharing, Next meeting Wednesday April 17th

Video E Reserve. Jan discussed the growing Video and Audio E reserve offering. The service utilizes real player to display the files. Like the audio files, it secures them as they cannot be downloaded, just viewed. There are still some bandwidth issues to work out, as peak internet traffic times often cause delay to the transfer and/or distortion of the image. Here is an example of the service, take a moment to see it:

Both of the E video reserves are found in the reserve listings of Professor Charles Menoche for his Techniques of Electro-Acoustic Composition class: (07:700:469:01(AUDIO)).

les are entitled "Lydia Kavina Demonstration" and "Theremin in Performance." After you click on the hyperlink, RealPlayer will pop up and ask for the username and password necessary to play the file. They are menochec and teelac69.

Of course, if you don't have a soundcard/displaycard and RealPlayer installed,you're going to have problems accessing these or any other digital audiofiles. Most newer computers have soundcard/displaycard, but you may have to download a free copy of RealPlayer. You can get it at www.real.com/

If any of you would like to check out the audio files we've put up for other courses, I can give you the info. Most aren't as weird as Prof. Menoche's class! Thanks.-Jan

FAQ’s. We reviewed the document put together by the sub group. Thank you to Kumu, Ramon, Kristen and Myriam for their work on this. In reviewing the document as a group, several excellent suggestions and edits were tendered. I have completed the edits, and have submitted the document to Judy Gardner for her review and ultimate posting. Much as our own website for staff resources ties together far-flung resources, I believe this FAQ page will do the same for patrons.

Mid Year Report. We had a very fruitful discussion of the layout and content of our mid year report. I took away some excellent suggestions and will broaden our framework into a document that reflects our group’s achievements and goals. Thanks Zohreh for the ideas ahead of time, and thank you all for your work today and throughout the year.

From our discussion on the coming year’s goals we brought up a topic everyone wants action on. This is the combination of paper and electronic records on the IRIS display. Dean has a working model of the proposed record structure. Zohreh and Myriam have contributed to this concept in the past. I will ask them to come together over at Chang to take a look at Dean’s work. We will review at the next meeting.

Schedule of events-reports. I distributed a copy of the schedule of report events that I submitted to Image Services and systems. Chris Sterback had asked me to develop this so that systems could plan its responsibilities for the end of the semester, but I believe it will help us as well to plan staffing resource requirements. Dean made a suggestion to include a yearly review of “permananent” reserves (control records with expiration of NEVER) to be conducted in the spring. Dean will run and distribute those reports next week.

A word on “NEVER” records. Remember, if you edit a reserve to “NEVER”, that value must be entered in both the basic and the individual reserve record. Failure to do so will leave a date in the individual reserve that a report would cue in on to remove the record.

May raised an interesting question regarding roll overs, which may come into play in the very near future. If you have access to the file on your U:/ drive directory, you can simply copy it to the next semester’s folder. If for some reason you cannot locate the file on your semester or working directory, you can FTP it back to the folder you wish to have it in (if you FTP). You could also look in Image Service’s folder on the U:/ drive. Otherwise you can contact Image Services.

In terms of bib records, Dean reminds us that under no circumstances should bib records be reused in a roll over. They may be duplicated, but not simply used continuously from semester to semester.

Chris Sterback asked me to pass along that the property settings for the display course and edit course icons should now allow you to preset the search criteria per a SIRSI fix.

Next meeting Wednesday April 17th. 2-4 pm.

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