Minutes of April 17, 2002 meeting

Roger Smith, Kumu Sivarajan, Jennifer Muller, Kristen Ko, Phyllis Palfy, Zohreh Bonianan, Fred Onorato, May Chin, Myriam Alami, Ramon Negron, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina
Peter Anderson, Dean Meister, Joanna Karwowska


  1. Reserve Record Removal, schedule of events, expectations.
  2. Combined records
  3. Searching and correcting temp/marc records and non shadowed/shadowed items.
  4. Info Sharing, Next meeting Wednesday May 15th

Reserve Record Removal, schedule of events, expectations. We discussed the pending end of semester record removal period. The first step will be the creation and review of “preview” reports around May 10th. These will tell you what you have on reserve, so that you may take action to roll over as needed. You should have the latest roll over documentation in hand (tailored for units that have u:/ access). Please let me know if you do not. I am checking with Donna on the creation of fall’s U:/ directories, which should be shortly.

A report listing “permanent” reserves (expiration date of “NEVER”) has been, or will shortly be, distributed to you from Dean. Please review this list to confirm the material that you have on permanent reserve, and remove the items as needed.

Combined records. We reviewed an example of Dean’s Combined e-reserve and paper copy records demo. We discussed possible tweaking of the example and I will present our discussion to Judy for possible implementation in the fall. The structure seems sound and I believe we can make this move to combine the two records and shorten our reserve lists.

Searching and correcting temp/marc records and non-shadowed/shadowed items. We reviewed a process developed by Dean to utilize the “binocular” search icon on the Sirsi toolbar to search for two distinct problems with out brief records. By selecting the “limit” options selection, we can select to search for brief records created at our unit and not shadowed, and brief records created with an incorrect format of “MARC”. I will send out a separate email with instructions to do this, including screen dumps. Thanks Dean for this useful tool to manage records.

Zohreh brought to my attention the fact that she experienced the reserve desk being shut down suddenly. She checked with Tracey Meyer at TSB and it has not reoccurred.

A sirsi glitch was pointed out by Zohreh. When using “display course”, and selecting the “Instr List”, individual instructors do not display. I will report to Chris Sterback.

The group held a discussion regarding overnight circulation at some units, and standardization of hours of operation (with circulation) in regard to finals. There are some concerns that services vary too widely between units, and that expectations are being developed among some students that carry over to other units, only to find disappointment. Some of the overnight policies represent concessions made to specific user groups in consideration of the nature of the collection.

Next meeting Wednesday May 15th

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