Minutes of May 21, 2003 meeting

Roger Smith(recorder), Peter Anderson, Zohreh Bonianian, Dean Meister, Rita O'Donnell, Irina Loutchkina, Fred Onorato, Raymond Balter, Myriam Alami, Kristen Ko, Ramon Negron, Paul Young, Eva Kalamotousis


  1. Reserve Removal
  2. Contacts
  3. See also Records
  4. Annual Report
  5. Review of Documentation
  6. Reserve "Cable Guide"
  7. Summer Hours
  8. Contact Page

1. Reserve Removal: Spring Timetable

We reviewed the upcoming dated for reserve removal, both brief and control records. Upcoming dates are

May 31st:

June 7th:

REMINDER!! Check your properties. The expiration date for the summer semester is 8/31/2003!

One item of significant concern for the removal process are fines still attached to item records. These will need to be dealt with before the items can be removed by report. Discussion in the group tended to favor an amnesty for fines, especially items predating the Spring 03 semester (report generated by Dean was cummulative, and indicated a fair number of fines predating this past semester). I urged fines regarding Spring 03 records to be dealt with by looking at the patron's billing record and determining the number of offenses with overdue reserves. I will check with others before issuing a set of guidelines.

This in turn led to a discussion of the "still checked out at closing" report and its problematic exclusion of fully cataloged material 'books'. Dean is currently looking into a revamped and all- inclusive version of this report which will allow us to be more definitive in checking our daily fines, and assuring the varacity of the ones we hold patrons to paying.

Review: Reserve Calerdar of Events

2. Contacts

We reviewed the final draft of a standard notification letter for upcoming reserve due dates/services, etc. This can be edited when changes to the service occur. It was agreed we should email this to constituent faculty 15th of April (for summer semester), 15th of June (for fall semester), and 15th of November (for spring semester).

3. See Also Records

Still in process, will have a completed draft for next meeting. Will seed to standardize for teh Fall 2003 semester.

4. Annual Report

We reviewed the annual report format and discussed the statistics we will represent. We agreed that last year's statistics we will represent. We agreed that last year's statistics will again be represented for continuity, as well as the stats we are gathering this year for continued paper reserves. Another idea forwarded from Dean was to analyze the REMX fund expenditures. Reports continue to be an essential tool for gathering statistics.

5. Review of Documentation

The group discussed making a regular commitment (at least annual) to review public documentation, most notably the 'green sheet' faculty guide and user's guide. Other documents to be updated include the paper and online reserve submission form. A subgroup will meet before the next meeting to continue bringing documentation into a single access point, most likely the "Reserve" portion of the Access Services Home Page maintained by Marc Forster. This will seek to provide at least links, if not actual content, to all reserve documentation currently residing either there, on the staff resources page, or on the U:/ "directions" folder. Thanks to Zohreh for tabling suggestions for the online request form.

Several suggestions were forwarded for updating the paper reserve request form. I will look into getting the most recent copy, making the changes, having copies printed (or making a master copy available). Thanks to Myriam for some good suggestions.

6. Jan's Idea for Reserve "Cable Guide"

The group discussed Jan's idea for including a scrolling type guide to programming as a reserve item for professors who are utilizing media's cable TV programming services. This will help students who have been confused on when programming is offered.

7. Reminder - send in summer hours to Tracey Meyer.

8. Contact Page

The contact page for reserve staff on the Access Services Homepage has been updated. Start looking at the reserve section, and let me know how we can develop this as our 'home base'.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, June 18th 2-4 pm

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