Minutes of July 16, 2003 meeting

Roger Smith(recorder), Dave Warner, Fred Onorato, Rita O'Donnell, Paul Young, May Chin, Marilyn Herod, Kristen Ko, Myriam Alami, Eva Kalamotousis, Peter Anderson, Zohreh Bonianian
Dean Meister, Ramon Negron


  1. Reminder of dates/properties (01/31/04)
  2. REMX funds
  3. Annual Report (stats)
  4. Reserve fines: distribute pages/instructions
  5. RDS hold cancellation: notification from RDS staff
  6. Ordering material: a review
  7. Still checked out reports: any problems?
  8. See also records: draft directions
  9. Centralization of Documentation
  10. Update on weeding
  11. Info sharing

1. Reminder of Dates/Properties

I reminded the gruop to double check property settings on all machines doing reserves, especially for the expiration date on the create reserve wizard (01/31/04) for the fall semester. It was indicated that RDS, TSB and recall ordering of material should progress for the fall. U:/ and web directories are up and running. Be sure to "activate" anything you created for the fall but left on "prepare" awaiting directory availability.

2. REMX Funds

REMX funds are still available for book orders for reserve. Other accounts are frozen. A reminder that REMX funds are intended for reserve ordering and should you have any question or concern about a request for material being ordered through this fund please direct it to me.

3. Annual Report

The group looked through the statistics presented in the annual report. Trends illustrated the continued increase in overall e-reserve files, the continued importance of reports maintenance to manage file removal, and the clear downturn in circulation of printed material at the reserve desk. Statistics for paper copies illustrate an increase in the use of electronic only option by professors, as well as the decline in overall number of paper photocopies offered. We discussed the continuation of these statistics through another academic year in the hopes that a clear case emerges for the discontinuation of paper photocopies.

4. Reserve Fines

The group took a "homework assignment" of one page each of reserve fines still attached to brief bibliographic records. A one sheet set of instructions was distributed detailing the procedure for canceling the fine and removing each item. I asked to have these back to me, with each item removed, no later than 7/25. With the increased eficiency of the "still checked out" reports I indicated to the group that this procedure is in fact the last time an "amnesty" for reserve fines will be declared, and that in future semesters the fines will move onto the patron's pub note, freeing the bib record to be removed.

Instructions for Removing Fines/Bib Records

NOTE: Shred these sheets when finished. Contain confidential info, including SSN

5. RDS Hold Cancellation

I asked the RDS Functional Group coordinator to pass on a request to have RDS staff who cancel RESV-LIB holds for any reason to directly notify reserve staff. This helps speed the process of reserve staff seeking other avenues to obtain the material, or at least notifying faculty member of the availability of the item(s). Reserve staff were asked to make sure that the RESV-LIB user contains the email address of the unit reserve contact in the address email field. Multiple email addresses can be added separated by a comma and a space. Thanks Dean for the reminder on this.

6. Placing Holds

We looked over the current documentation for ordering material through RDS by placing holds to request or recall books. This documentation will be included in the access reserve page. Copies availabe as required - contact me. Document was still sound, though we had some questions regarding what happens to recalls. After checking with Andy at RDS, it was explained to me as thus. In instances where there are multiple copies checked out, we can continue to place holds using the same property settings as we do when copies are available (RANGE: system and LEVEL: title) under the box "hold level", a "recall report" assigns the hold (and therefore the recall notice) to a particular copy based on its checkout date. The most important thing is to make sure that "allow recall" under "recall status" is checked off on the property screen.

7. Still Checked Out Reports

I asked for those units who are running the "test format to report on effectiveness of the new, inclusive report. It was reported that LC material was successfully appearing on the item lists. This format will be transferred to the standard still checked out in September. I will poll the group for report times as required.

8. See Also Records

I distributed a draft of the "see also" records for referring patrons in instances of multiple professors and multiple course numbers associated with a single class. The group reviewed the format and instructions and offered several useful suggestions. I will complete the draft with screen dumps as I test the scenarios in the test system. Thank you to those who continue to offer insight in this project. The final draft will be out in the next two weeks.

9. Centralization of Documentation

A subgroup of Zohreh, Myriam and I met to direct the centralization of documentation. We carefully reviewed the staff resources documentation for electronic reserves. Several documents will be removed (superceded), the order changed, and a few new ones added. I will send the changes on. We also looked at the U:/ "eres documentation" folder. Very little was of current use. Those files/articles that were will be extracted and included on the documentation page of the Access Services Home Page (reserve section) currently under development here (LSM): ../Roger/Reserves FG site/ReservesFG.html

10. Update on Weeding

Dave Warner updated the group on the results of weeding the permanent reserves at LSM. The collection has been cut to 80 from 167 and represents a leaner, more usable set of material for users. Selectors directed the removed items either to REF, STACKS, other collections, or for withdrawal. Should there be any question that your "permanent" reserves require such weeding please let me know and we can make arrangements.

11. Info Sharing

Next Meeting - Wednesday, August 20th

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