Minutes of October 15, 2003 meeting

Roger Smith(recorder), Myriam Alami, Kristen Ko, Dave Warner, Paul Young, May Chin, John Rake, Dean Meister, Fred Onorato, Eugene McElroy, Marilyn Herod, Rita O'Donnell, Irina Loutchkina, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Ramon Negron.


  1. Summer Brief Records
  2. Documentation
  3. Security of Electronic Files Received via Email or CD
  4. Issue with Overnights and Desk Opening Times
  5. New Release Testing/Suggested Upgrades to Reserve Module
  6. Title limits: Eres Only and E-files Justify Moving Upward/Due Dates for Reserves, Revision
  7. See Also Records in Use?
  8. Information Sharing

1. Summer Brief Records

We discussed the remainder of brief records still in existence from summer 2003. A few records for each unit were not removed by report due to attached fines. As we discussed at the previous meeting, we will cancel these fines and remove the items, as we did with Spring 03 records. This will represent the last time fines will be canceled. In the future (fall 03 and on) we will transfer files to a pub note and then remove the item. The exception lists for summer 03 are on TSB T drive, common, reserves, summer03 and then listed by unit. Dean will look into a report that will comprehensively list remaining brief records created for reserve from summer 03 and before.

2. Documentation

I circulated a copy of the documentation section of the forthcoming Access/Collection services page. We went over each section and the group offered some excellent suggestions. As control of content is retained by the FG coordinator edits will be easy. I will incorporate the edits suggested at the meeting and will circulate the URL for further review and comments.

3. Security of Electronic Files Received via Email or CD

The issue of the transmission of viruses via electronic files submitted on zip drives, jump drives, CD, email and other forms was raised recently. After speaking to Pam Johnson at LSM and Anne Butman of systems I am assured that automatic scanning precautions for directories and files mitigate the dangers involved with viruses. If you ever have reason to suspect a file or directory you can always run an individual scan on it. Simply right click on the filename, and select "scan for viruses".

4. Issue with Overnights and Desk Opening Times.

At the Math Library, an incident occurred where items charged "overnight" on Fridays and Saturdays were not receiving the expected overnight loan period. This was due to the fact that the next day (either Sat or Sun) the reserve desk opening time was later than 9am. In such cases, the expected time due back needs to be entered manually.

5. New Release Testing/Suggested Upgrades to Reserve Module.

At the last Access Services Committee meeting, "assignments" were handed out for testing of the new Workflows release, along with documentation. I may ask a small number of you to come together with me as a subgroup to test out the new release. This has worked well in the past. Likewise we reviewed two potential upgrades as suggested on SIRSI's customer web site. The first was the ability to assign different circulation rules to different copies of a title (this would be useful in managing an overnight and stay in library copies). The group did not feel this was a high priority request, as our policies surrounding the circulation of material are generally covered by what Workflows currently offers. The second potential upgrade involved the display of reserve items when checked out in IRIS. Currently, reserve items charged out to a user appear as "Checked out" with the time due back. If a patron approaching that title from outside the reserve module does not pick up on the fact that the time indicator acts as a cue that the item is on reserve, they may go ahead and place a hold on it (which would be queued until the end of the semester). The suggestion on the SIRSI site was for a more explicit "checked out" message for reserve items, something along the lines of "checked out from reserve". This would be help the patron make a more informed decision about placing a hold on the item. This met with basic support from our group.

The second upgrade item also raised the larger issue of whether reserve items should be "hold able" at all. Our experience through the past two semesters indicate that the majority of items coming off hold shelves are no longer desired, and often sit on hold shelves for a few weeks (sometimes more with multiple holds) before returning to their home locations. This raises the potential that this system is creating much extra work. Will report back on this for next meeting.

6. Title Limits: Eres Only and E-files Justify Moving Upward/Due Dates for Reserves, Revision

Suggested revisions were accepted at ASC for title limits and reserve list due dates. We will offer a two tiered title limit: 30 for mixed book/paper/eres, and 40 for eres only with files submitted in E format. Also, due dates for reserve material for fall has been moved to August 1st and Spring to December 1st. It is hoped these revisions in our policies reflect a more manageable set of parameters that we can firmly request faculty to adhere to. On our part, they recognize our ability to handle workloads differently do to our consistent analysis of resources and procedure.

7. See Also Records in Use?

Staff reported that see-also records are in use. A possibility was brought to my attention of changing the brief record format to include a more descriptive note field or fields. 100,245 and 856 fields are standard right now, and the 245 title field is required. We can continue to fine tune this process.

8. Information Sharing

During the information sharing session a question was raised about the numbering of reserve lists into 20 title "sections". For example, a list with 40 items will display the first 20 titles, then the forward button is pressed and then next twenty would be displayed, but they will still be numbered 1-20. It would be advantageous to have the list number them 1-40 and maintain numbering consistently as the list is scrolled. I will look into this and report back next meeting.

Also, a question was raised regarding overnight procedures at some libraries and the extent to which they are utilized. Limited overnight reserves occur at Kilmer, Dglss and Art, with a structured overnight collection at Math. The group reported only one instance in memory where a patron questioned why there were differences between policies. My suggestion was to look at these units individually, and determine whether as I suspect these policies were local decisions based on circumstances of collection and patrons having special needs. We can make a case by case basis whether to continue to offer it as is, make it more "official" (i.e establish multiple copies for titles that profs want to circulate overnight) or discontinue it.

Similarly a discussion of reserve desk hours vs building operation hours was raised and the desire of students to have access to reserve material. We can look into this at the units where it pertains and report back.

One other agenda item for next meeting is the question of the need for "ereserve@rci" [Images Services] to continue to be the "middle man" in handling electronic formats submitted from profs. There was some feeling that the faculty should be directed in our documentation to send these files directly to the unit contacts.

Next Meeting - Wednesday November 19th from 2:30-4:30pm.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/reserves_group/minutes/reserves_03_10_15.shtml
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