Minutes of April 21, 2004 meeting

Dave Warner, Mike Mansouri, Fred Onorato, Dean Meister, Roger Smith(recorder), Rita ODonnell, Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, Zohreh Bonianian, Paul Young, May Chin, Peter Anderson, Myriam Alami, Jan Reinhart
Ramon Negron


  1. Update on end of year
  2. Putting items on reserve with ELECTRONIC ONLY checked off.
  3. Plan for Electronic Reserve Committee Meeting
  4. Projects update
  5. Information Sharing, next meeting Wednesday May 19th

1. Update on End of Year

Preview lists will be generated and distributed shortly, and will include circulation information. We discussed distribution of letters to faculty announcing upcoming due dates for summer material. Remember to check the reserve calendar of events for the removal process. May 31st, Spring Expiration, June 7th (week of) materials removed. Please do not remove/pack/ship material until removal process runs its course. Contact me directly should workflow/space issues demand your attention to these items.

2. From Zohreh:

Recently, we have been receiving reserve forms requesting a book to be put on reserve with ELECTRONIC ONLY checked off. It seems faculty assumed this option could be available for books too, and we can scan the whole book and have it on electronic reserve. When the online/print reserve form is reviewed. the "ERES only" option will be clarified for photocopied material only.

3. Plan for Electronic Reserve Committee Meeting

We discussed the overall subject matter that our group intends to be brought to the table with the electronic reserve working group. We confirmed the following topics:

Please let me know if you have additional items for discussion with this group.

4. Projects Update

The acquisitions database continues to move forward. Kristen and Rita are exploring the effects that recent upgrades in Access that may effect compatibiliy.

5. Information Sharing

Reserve still checked out at closing reports will be suspended for the summer, only continuing at Alexander. They will be set to automatically resume beginning of Fall 2004. Circulation is low at most locations during the summer for reserve material, negating the need for these reports to run. That said, summer student staff should be instructed to take every care in the proper circulation of reserve material.

Information on removal of fines will be forthcoming before the removal process and generation of exception reports.

Next Meeting - Wednesday May 19th Kilmer Library.

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