Minutes of September 15, 2004 meeting

Roger Smith(recorder), Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Peter Anderson, Irina Loutchkina, Dean Meister, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Eugene McElroy, Myriam Alami, Kristen Ko, Rita Post, Mike Mansouri, Dave Warner,
Penny Weniger, Darryl Voorhees, Melissa John


  1. Summer Removal
  2. No Paper
  3. Adobe Version Issues, 6.0
  4. Image Services Questions/Hardware Issues
  5. Reserve Still Checked Out Reports
  6. Filename Fix Problem
  7. Static URL/See Also Update
  8. Info Sharing

Summer Removal

Summer reserve brief records and control records were removed as scheduled the week of 9/7. Files were removed from U:/ drive and webserver that week as well. 1082 control records were removed across RUL, and 1238 brief records removed. 46 brief records from NBL appeared on the exception list and will be attended to individually.

No Paper Copies for Articles

We held a general discussion of observations on how the paperless service was going so far. For the most part, cooperation has been excellent, and even when faculty members report concerns upon explanation of our service they understand. There are still some hold outs at SERC [due to processing time] and Art [due to image quality]. We will continue to collect and work on concerns of the faculty as this transition semester continues.

Adobe Version Issues, 6.0

Issues were discussed concerning interoperability of PDF files created on version 6.0 vs. 4.0/5.0. It is apparent that there are some difficulties reading PDFs created on the newest version with some of the older releases.

One problem that was discussed was 6.0’s tendency to not open separate windows for each PDF that you access. If the window is left open, and separate files are accessed, when you reach 20 files the message “too many files open” will display. This is true only in Netscape, in IE it works fine and you should advise patrons of this.

Currently, RUL and RUCS PCs are believed to be offering 6.0 in the libraries. However patrons at home may be experiencing some problems. Reports via AAL and to our desks are minimal in this regard. Darryl will continue his inventory of adobe software within our units and an assessment of the best procedure to follow to allow for best possible use of our files by patrons. For now, it is good advice to tell patrons to download the most recent version of adobe from their website.

Image Services Questions/Hardware Issues

A question was raised about the need to service scanners at our units. It is recognized that these are high volume machines that process many files each term. Darryl offered the assurance that they are looked at periodically for specific deterioration and are in fact hardy machines that are holding up well. It was advised that any problems be reported promptly.

Reserve Still Checked Out Reports

With paper copies being rapidly phased out, the question was raised of whether we need to continue to have the still checked out report. For the large units, it was affirmed that the reports will still be useful in light of substantial LC cataloged material being circulated. Also, it was stated that the reports are not that taxing from a systems perspective, and run automatically. We will retain the reports at all units for this term, I ask that you all check the frequency that items are appearing still checked out. We will reassess at semester’s end, my feeling is we will scale this back to the four major units and Chang next semester.

Filename Fix Problem

There are instances where filenames are automatically assigned the .pdf extension, but it is not readily apparent when looking in windows explorer at the file list. So your file may report an error message because you assigned an extension [example: file_name.pdf.pdf]. The solution is to right click on the file name, and select “rename”. This will illustrate if the filename does indeed have the double extension and give you the option to correct it.

Static URL/See Also Update

Work continues on the see also records utilizing the fixed, or stable URL. Discussion in the group illustrated that for large volume units, such as Alex, this procedure may be time consuming. Documentation will be updated shortly to include the fixed URL procedure. It is worthwhile doing as it represents a significantly more clear way of referring patrons to the correct reserve list. Thank you to Zohreh and Dean for their continued work on this.

Info Sharing

Acquisitions database is being used by the majority of units. I will be in contact with those units not using it to make sure they are on board. This is a valuable tool to track acquisitions, and to provide acquisitions data when it is required.

Suggestions for updates to the online reserve request form were made: remove paper options for photocopies, and to up the title limit to 40 items.

It was reported the PCs/Printers in the RUCS labs are limiting printing to 20 pages per session/print job? This may have some impact on ereserves for the occasional longer article, but should not affect too many articles as most files are below the 20 page threshold. Nevertheless, please keep your eyes and ears open for patrons complaining about this issue. They can of course print on the PC’s in the libraries [to networked printers] but this will cost them.

Next meeting will have Janet Howard from acquisitions as a guest to review REMX ordering process and policies.

Next Meeting - Wednesday October 20th, 3pm place TBD

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