Minutes of November 17, 2004 meeting

Roger Smith, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Dean Meister, May Chin, Fred Onorato, Myriam Alami, Kristen Ko, Rita Post, Mike Mansouri, Dave Warner
Penny Weniger, Ramon Negron, Jan Reinhart, Peter Anderson.


  1. ERES Meeting recap
    • Permission letter
    • Acrobat issues
    • Ereserves Tutorial
    • Format/external linkage
    • Roll overs, spring to fall
  2. Syllabus format…roadmap to its use
  3. Update to Staff Resources Pages
  4. Info Sharing-next meeting Wednesday December 15th, Holiday Gathering?

ERES Meeting recap

A major focus of the group's meeting this month was a recap of the subjects handled in the Electronic Reserve Working Group. Several projects have come out of that meeting and we got under way discussing how and when they will be handled/implemented.

Permission letter

A new sample copyright permission letter will be posted to the web based on the Copyright Management Center letter.

Acrobat issues

Darryl from Image Services continues to look at compatibility issues with Acrobat 6.0. It was pointed out that it is installed on several machines in Alex Access Services and we can continue to monitor its use for any problems that come up. Darryl indicated that there is an option when creating files on the 6.0 write to have them be backward compatible with the 4.0 and 5.0 readers. This is a "preference" type setting and we will need to have concrete procedures to make sure our software is set up correctly. Image Services has been given the ok to order Acrobat 6.0 for all staff workstations, and will handle installation and staff training.

Ereserves Tutorial


The Staff at Camden have created an excellent flash tutorial for patron access to reserve files. Several technical questions were raised about public access, but the NB Reserve FG agreed it was an excellent tool and endorses the posting of this tutorial on all prominent pages hosting reserve access or information. It was suggested that at least two versions be produced, a basic version covering classes that offer predominantly PDF articles and another for Media/music files : which have more complex access due to security/password set ups.

Format/external linkage

We will continue to link to external sites as requested by faculty and allowed for in our faculty reserve guide policy. The ERES committee is putting together a workshop slated for some time in February to cover this, as well as handling different file types and their conversions, general PDF creation/manipulation techniques and the Syllabus format if we are ready. The group stressed that this workshop would be most useful if presented in a hands on environment: such as the SCC labs.

Roll overs, spring to fall

We will maintain our current procedure and not roll over Eres files from Spring to Fall. Generally, group discussion demonstrated limited appeal for this anyway.

Syllabus format…roadmap to its use

The NBL Reserve Group has been charged with further development of the Syllabus format. With the advent of paperless reserves, the syllabus format is poised to become the primary format for Electronic Reserve Files as it offers significant improvments in layout and ease of use for the patron, as well as savings in processing for reserve staff. We need to develop the following:

A sub group will be meeting shortly to bring together and review materials already in hand, as well as to chart direction, develop a timetable and complete needed documentation.

Update to Staff Resources Pages…

Text on staff resources page will be updated following up on Pete Anderson's work on this.

Info Sharing…next meeting Wednesday December 15th, Holiday Gathering?

Rita Post will work on conversion of old minutes to HTML format for the NBL Access Page Reserve Minutes Section.

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