Minutes of January 19, 2005 meeting

Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami, Rita Post(recorder), Mike Mansouri, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Jan Reinhart, Zohreh Bonianian
Peter Anderson, Dean Meister), Kristen Ko, Fred Onorato


  1. Fall 04 Reserve Removal
  2. Reminder: Check Finished Reports at Closing
  3. File Type Issues
  4. Projects in Process: Syllabus Format
  5. Installation of Adobe Acrobat version 6.0
  6. Demonstration of Naxos database by Jan
  7. Information Sharing

Zohreh starts the meeting by thanking Roger Smith for excellent leadership of this group for many years.

1. Fall 04 Reserve Removal

Brief records from Fall 04 have been removed by report, however since space limitations have not yet become an issue, Fall 04 files will remain accessible on the U: drive for another 2 weeks. This will be helpful in accommodating professors who request course rollovers after the start of the semester. Removal of Fall 04 files is set for February 1st.

Zohreh will suggest to the Access services Committee that brief titles are kept for an additional two weeks during fall removal. A two-phase removal would be suggested, with removal of control records first, followed in two weeks by removal of brief records.

2. Reminder: Check Finished Reports at Closing

Still charged at closing reports have resumed with the start of the semester, and a reminder was sent out to designate a staff member or student to check these each night.

These reports are helpful with removal of brief records, since records with fines attached cannot be removed by report. By catching these items early on, the fines can either be waived or patrons can be held responsible for them, and these items will be eligible for removal by report.

This led to a discussion of reserve fines. If it is clear that a patron still has the book at closing, it is important to leave a note in their record so that staff at all units will be aware that they will be held responsible for the fine. For fines less than five dollars, the patron’s record will be unaffected, and it is necessary to manually change the status to BARRED, in order to hold them responsible for the fine. For fines over five dollars system changes status to BLOCKED.

3. File Type Issues

Systems has begun installation of Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel on the public access PC’s in Alex, and will follow suite in other units as well. With installation of this software, reserve staff will no longer be limited to pdf files for electronic reserves.

4. Syllabus Format

Dean is already using the syllabus format at Chang, and it is also being used at Music. Jan gave the group a brief demonstration, and explained that it is a big time saver, as only one brief record needs to be created.

Dean, Myriam and Kristen will meet soon, more to come at next month’s meeting.

5. Acrobat Version 6.0

Darryl has informed the group that reserve PC’s will soon be updated with the Adobe Acrobat version 6.0. This will be beneficial to the group, since files created in version 6.0 are not backward compatible, and cannot be modified in either version 4.0 or 5.0.

Instructions will distribute when the new version is installed.

Eva mentioned one of the benefits of the newer version, the pdf optimizer. This tool minimizes file size considerably but does not affect quality, as Distiller sometimes does.

6. Demonstration of Naxos Jan

Jan gave a demonstration of the Playlist function of the Naxos Music Library, an extensive classical music database with over 75,000 recordings. One of the features this database offers is the ‘Playlist’, which allows professors to create their own reserve lists. There is a possibility that professors in the Music Department may opt to use this service, however there are some limitations.

Due to licensing, only three listeners are permitted at a time. This could be problematic, especially during exams when reserve usage is high and users may get bounced out if the quota is exceeded. Also, the reserve list can only support sound files, there is no way to integrate text or video. Creating the list is rather difficult, and many professors may need assistance setting up their course reserves, negating the benefit of being able to create the list independently of reserve staff.

7. Information Sharing

A change in the Alex Grad Reserve Reading Room is slated to take place. Currently, the reserve books are non-circulating, patrons can use them only in the reading room. However, some of the more popular titles have a tendency to go missing. To combat this problem, the Graduate Reserve books will be shifted to the rear of the Graduate Reserve desk, and will be circulating with a 4-hour loan period. The transition will occur over spring break, when all of the records must be changed from ‘NONCIRC’ to ‘4 HOUR’ and the collection itself will be moved.

There will be a change in meeting start time. The meetings will be moved back half an hour, from 2:30 to 3:00.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 16. Special Collections room at LSM

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