Minutes of February 16, 2005 meeting

Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Kristen Ko(recorder), May Chin, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami, Rita Post, Mike Mansouri, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Dean Meister, Zohreh Bonianian
Peter Anderson, Jan Reinhart, Eugene McElroy


  1. Reserve reminder:
    • Check property for “Add Brief Title”
    • Make sure the Circulation rules match with the reserve item
  2. Microsoft office applications installed on Public PC’s in NBL
  3. Changes in reserve request form (paper)
  4. Installation of Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 on staff computers
  5. Syllabus format problems with NET ID
  6. Problems with placing hold for multi-volume sets
  7. Information sharing


Add Brief Title

Properties for add brief title should be set to Format – TEMPORARY. This is especially important for units without a reserve specific workstation, whose properties will not be set for reserve processing. If the records are created with the format set to MARC instead of TEMPORARY, systems will not be able to remove the records by report at the end of the semester. It was suggested that staff review and save properties under a new toolbar.

Circulation Rule

When processing books or professor’s copies it is important to remember to change both the circulation rule and the alt circ rule from ONLINE to an actual circulation loan time (2 HOUR, 4 HOUR, etc.). If a book is processed with the circulation rule ONLINE, the system will not allow a patron to check it out, which could be especially problematic during the evenings or at times when no reserve staff is present. Since the majority of items placed on reserve are now electronic, it is important to remember to change the circulation rules each time reserve books are processed.

Microsoft Office Applications on Public PC’s

Microsoft Office applications Excel, Power Point, and Word have been installed on all NBL public PC’s. Patrons will only be able to view only. The new change will give reserve staff the option of using other formats for electronic reserves beside the traditional pdf format.

Zohreh will check with the E-reserves Committee on this – more to come.

Changes in Paper Reserve Request Form

The title field of the paper reserve request form may ask for too much information. The field includes: book title, publisher, date, edition, journal title, volume, issue, date and pages. Some professors include all of this information, which can make reading the form difficult especially for articles. Although most units do want to keep records of which articles the professor places on reserve, all of this information may not be entirely necessary.

The group also agreed that the checks off lines for the semesters are unclear. Since there is a line both before and after the semester, it is often difficult to determine which semester is actually being requested.

Myriam suggested removing the lines altogether and adding instructions on the form prompting the professor to circle the appropriate semester, which would eliminate the ambiguity of the check lines. Ramon suggested that deadline for submission of reserve material for fall, spring and summer semesters added to both paper and online form.

This led to a discussion of changes to the online reserve request form. The form lacks a department address field, which is used for returning materials at the end of the semester. There is also a “*” next to field for instructor barcode. The online form indicated “Fields marked with a '*' are required. The form will not be processed without this information”. This can be problematic, since there are always faculty who have not obtain RU Connection card or not in the system yet. The elimination of this field was discussed, since it is not really needed, and new professors have students or assistants submit reserve materials for them.

The group also recommended the addition of a week needed field. This is very helpful at the start of the semester in determining priority, and is currently not available on the online form. These suggestions will be discuss in the E-reserve committee for the approval.

Installation of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 on staff computers

The main benefit of the new version is Pdf optimizer distiller function, which reduces file size without distorting image quality.

Darryl Voorhees from Imaging Services has also discovered another way to compress the files. Zohreh will be sending out procedures to the group.

A training session for Adobe 6.0 for staff was suggested. This suggestion will be discussed with Judy and Roger for approval.

Dean also brought up that patrons wishing to view electronic reserves would need to download the most current version of Adobe reader. The older version of Adobe is not backward compatible.

Syllabus format problems with NET ID

Syllabus format project is temporary on hold. Dean reported that there are problems with how NET ID and the proxy server interact. He is currently testing conditions – more to come.

Dean has temporarily remedied the situation by creating bulk-reading lists. Chang and Music are currently using this method and no problems have been reported.

The group was also reminded that patrons, who have accessed the libraries homepage from off campus with their barcode and pin in the past, would need to unconfigure their computers.

Problems with placing holds for multi-volume sets

Placing holds for multi-volumes sets has been problematic. Currently staff has been placing holds by using the Request Article/Other option in IRIS and filling in the additional information section specifying which volumes are needed. In the past, staff were unable to use the Deliver book/ Recall option because RESV-LIB user did not have PIN #s. Unfortunately when the requests are processed for these items, it seems that the additional information field is not being read, thus the volumes not being sent. This can be very time consuming for staff repeatedly placing hold for these items.

With the last upgrade there no longer seems to be a problem with the PIN #s. Staff can place holds using the Deliver Book/Recall option in IRIS and selecting which volumes are needed. Staff will enter Resv- Library in the User-ID field and choose the pickup location. PIN is no longer needed.

Dean also pointed out that staff could place the request using the Deliver Book/Recall option in IRIS and use modify user holds and enter the information regarding course number, instructor’s name in the comment box in workflow.

Zohreh will be checking with Bob Warwick from systems to find out what the correct method for requesting multi-volumes should be.

Information sharing

Zohreh and May both reported that sometime a second stamp is added after an article has been distilled. Staff were reminded to check articles after they have been distilled and remove any additional stamps.

Busch Campus branches were reminded to send Eres transmittal forms along with articles that needed to be scanned.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 16. Location: TBA

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