Minutes of April 20, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Kristen Ko, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Dean Meister, Myriam Alami, Rita Post(recorder), Meghan Lord, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian


Meeting started by welcoming Meghan Lord to the group and welcoming Peter Anderson back.

One on One Training on Adobe v6

Darryl Voorhees has been in contact with each unit about training for the Adobe Acrobat version 6. The feedback has been positive so far, and both Douglass and LSM found the training session to be very helpful.

Sum05 Folders on the U Drive

The Sum05 folders are available on the U drive and also Sum05, and Fal05 directories on the web server. The expiration date for summer reserve is 8/31/05.

Revised Reserve Request Form

In the previous meeting, the group discussed revising both the online version and the hardcopy of the reserve request form, and these changes have been implemented.

Paper version

The 'title' box asked for too much information. The updated form asks for only 'book title, publisher, date and edition.

The semester section has been cleaned up, with a much bigger space between semesters.

There is no longer a choice for format. A note states that articles will be available in electronic format only. If professors insists on paper copies, we will deal with this on a case-by-case basis, but one possible solution is to treat these items as personal copies.

RRS has been changed to RDS under 'status'.

Old forms should be discarded. The new form is available on the access services section of the NBL page under 'forms':

Electronic Form

The barcode field now specifies that the primary instructor's barcode should be included, but is not required to submit a reserve list.

A campus address field has been included, which will make returning items at the end of the semester much easier.

A field for noting priority was added, so instructors can specify which items are needed first. This will be beneficial for staff at the beginning of the semester when reserve processing is at the busiest.

Meghan's name has been added as a contact for SERC.

Update of Documentation on the NBL Web Page

Much of the documentation present under Reserve Documentation on the Access Services section of the NBL web site is outdated and does not reflect recent changes like the move to a paperless service. Eva and Peter have volunteered to go through the documentation and make the necessary updates.

Revision of Eres Transmittal Form

Dave and Joe have updated the eres transmittal form. They will forward a copy for review and input to branches not scanning remotely.

Summer Clean Up

Dean reminded the group to check the properties for 'Add Brief Title'. Both 'type' and 'home location' should read 'RESERVE' rather than RESV-LIB.

Dean distributed handouts and showed the group how to use the Search screen to check for links that need to be removed. By clicking on the 'limit' icon, you can select which items to search (RESV_LIB, STACKS, etc.). Than, the semester (fal04) is entered in the first field - 'words or phrase', and the library is selected from the pull-down menu. You can work from the list to modify the urls or remove the reserves that are no longer needed. This clean up can be done on a regular basis, and it would be especially helpful at units where more than one staff person process reserves.

The Spring preview lists are set to come out 5/10.

Dean updated the group on Ilink, the new public interface. He suggested that the group test the reserve functions and send any suggestions to Stephanie Bartz and cc a copy to Zohreh.

Information Sharing

Zohreh reminded the group that when manually removing reserves, if a book is charged out to RESV-LIB, the books must be discharged first, and than the reserve can be removed.

A professor attempted to put a book from another institution's library on reserve as a personal copy. We cannot place items on reserve that belong to other libraries. In this case, staff should look for a copy in RUL. If no copy is available, then item should be purchased through Acquisitions.

The minutes conversion has been completed. Group members were encouraged to review the old minutes posted in NBL web page. Zohreh thanked Rita for completing this project and also for converting recent minutes to html format in a timely manner.

Letter to faculty announcing the due date for reserve items were set to go out 4/15. We discussed the usefulness of these reminders, and they seem to be working well.

Next meeting: May 26th, LSM Special Collections Room, 10:30 am

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