Minutes of June 15, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Rita Post(recorder), Meghan Lord, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian
Kristen Ko, May Chin, Myriam Alami, Dean Meister


  1. Tour of TSB Acquisitions Department
  2. Removal of Spring Reserves
  3. Update on Current Project – Documentation
  4. Availability of Choosing Reserve Location in old IRIS
  5. Annual Report
  6. Information Sharing

Tour of TSB Acquisitions Department

We started the meeting with a tour of the Acquisitions Department. Judit introduced the group to staff that work directly on the processing of Reserve orders. The tour was very informative, and was a means of further opening of communication between the two departments. Thanks to Judit for a well-presented introduction and tour of the department.

Removal of Spring Reserves

Control records for the spring semester have been removed. A total of 7,123 records were removed across all libraries. Exception lists of items not removed by report have been generated and will be distributed soon. These records will have to be removed manually.

Brief records will be available until the end of the month to accommodate last minute rollover requests.

Update on Current Project - Documentation

Peter and Eva have been going through the existing reserve documentation on the NBL website, and have made changes to several different sections. Many of the updates involved changing the wording, for instance ‘Copy Center’ is now ‘Imaging Services’, and ‘IRIS’ has changed to ‘ILink’. The Calendar of Events was updated to reflect current dates, and instructions for using Adobe v.6 and for adding brief titles were included. The changes are currently in draft form, and still have to be approved.

Availability of Choosing Reserve Location in old IRIS

The group discussed whether or not a specific reserve location could be selected to search in IRIS. The general consensus of the group was that since this option was never used in IRIS, there is no reason to restore it. However, this option is available in workflows and can be used.

Annual Report

The following are some of this year’s achievements of the reserve Functional group.

Any further suggestions can be forwarded to Zohreh.

Information Sharing

The group thanked Myriam for her participation in the reserve functional group and wished her best in her new position.

Meghan Lord is at Kilmer for the summer.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 20th, 3pm. Location TBA.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/reserves_group/minutes/reserves_05_06_15.shtml
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