Minutes of July 20, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Kristen Ko(recorder), Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Rita Post, Meghan Lord, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian, John Rake, May Chin, Dean Meister


  1. Flash E-Reserve Tutorial
  2. Removal of Spring Reserve Brief Title Records
  3. "Checkout" Text for Reserve Items in IRIS
  4. Add "Order Display" Icon to the Reserve Toolbar
  5. Group Questionaire
  6. Training- File Conversion

1. Flash E-Reserve Tutorial

The meeting started with welcoming Darryl Voorhees from Imaging Services.

Zohreh reminded the group members to review flash e-reserve tutorial that is available online. The tutorial can be found under the reserve section of iLINK. This tutorial can be used to help students find electronic reserves. It is also a reminder to our student assisstants coming back to work.

2. Removal of Spring Reserve Brief Title Records.

Reserve brief title records from Spring 2005 semester have been removed. Items that were unable to be removed by report have been generated to an exception list. Items were not removed due to signs associated with the record of if the was used for more than one course.

Zohreh distributed exception lists to members and they will manually remove the items. If there is a fine associated with an item, staff will need to waive the fine to remove the bill. Staff will then put a note in the patron's record to keep patron accountable for the fine. Staff need to record title, barcode, amount of bill and any other details in the note field.

3. "Checkout" Text for Reserve Items

The gruop discussed the "Checkout" text in the detail display of reserve items listed in IRIS. Members agree that the "Checkout" text was not necessary and could be removed all together. Another option suggested by Dean was to change the text of "Checkout" to "Use"

During the discussion members also agreed that the text "Library" is not needed and should be removed. Zohreh will make this suggestion to Judy Gardner.

4. Add "Order Display" Icon to the Reserve Toolbar

Staff were encouraged to add the "Order Display" icon to the Reserve Toolbar. The icon will allow staff to check the status of acquisition orders. Staff will be able to review who ordered the item, when order was placed, where it was shipped from and the actual purchase price.

5. Group Questionaire

Planning and Coordinating Committe has requested that all committees includming the Access Services Functional Groups participate in answering a group questionaire. Group members reviewed the questions and answers. During the discussion, one of the recomdations was for the Functional Groups to meet less frequently. Group discussed the possibility of b-monthly meetings or meetings during the months staff are less busy.

6. Training- File Conversion

Darryll Voorhees from Imaging Services showed a brief demonstration on different ways to convert a file. Staff can convert files to PDF 's using three methods. Members were given a handout of intstructions.

One option is to convert the PDF direct ly from the toolbar from any Microsoft application. Staff which have the full version of Acrobat on thier computers should see the :Convert to Adobe PDF" button in the upper-left hand corner of the toolbar.

The second option is to print to PDF using the Adobe PDF Print Driver, useful for those that do not have the convery Adobe PDF button on thier toolbars. Staff will select "Adobe PDF" from the printer name drop down menu and choose thr file name and then click save.

The last option is to use the Online PDF Converter available at:
Staff will be able to submit documents and then PDF online will convert them and generate a PDF or an html file which is emailed to staff. Staff need to remember that there is a maximum upload file size of 2MB.

Next meeting: Wednesday, August 17. Location TBA

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