Minutes of August 17, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, May Chin, Kristen Ko(recorder), Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Meghan Lord, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian
Eva Kalamotousis, Dean Meister, Rita Post


  1. Annoucements
  2. Annual Report
  3. University Policy and Procedures on Reserve
  4. Overnight Reserves
  5. Information Sharing

1.) Annoucements.

Rita Post will be leaving Rutgers University Libraries to take a new position with the Ocean County Library. The group would like to express thanks for all of her contributions and hard work. She will be missed and we wish her the best of luck.

Congratulations to Joseph Asaro who accepted transfer to the Kilmer Library in the position of daytime Reserve Library Assisstant.

With Camden and Dana soon joining the meetings, the group discussed locations with video conferencing capabilities. Members agreed to hold future reserve meetings at the Kilmer Library.

2.) Annual Report

Judy has asked each of the functional groups to draft revisions to purpose statements. Zohreh distributed a draft of the group's new purpose statement. Members reviewed current statement and all agreed to the new draft. During the discussion it was also mentioned that the name of the might need to be updated. Staff are encouraged to contact Zohreh with any suggestions or changes before the October ASC meeting.

One of the goals for this year would be to explore a potential ERES survey for Faculty. Group discussed the possibilities of an online survey or a survey that would be mailed directly to Faculty/Departments. Staff are encouraged to think of types of questions and/or the format of the survey for the next meeting. Implementing the survey would help staff recieve feedback or suggestions in improving the service. Sub-comittee group would be formed to work on this task.

3.) University Policy and Procedure on Reserve

It was requested that each location check to see if a copy of the University's "Policy and Procedures Manual" is on Reserve. If a copy is still on Reserve, has it been checked out? The "University Policy and Procedure Manual" has been renamed "University Policy Library", and effective August 1st is available online. Group would like to discuss if there is any need for keeping the hardcopy of this Manual on Reserve.

4.) Overnight Reserves

Currently, Kilmer and Douglass Libraries offer Overnight Reserves. Both locations report low numbers of instances. To standardize loan procedures in all locations, it was asked that Kilmer and Douglas keep statistics for Fall 2005 on the number of overnight checkouts. If the numbers are low, it may be decided to remove this service in Spring 2006.

5.) Information Sharing

The Summer 05 reserve control records will be removed the week of September 5th, and the week of September 26th the reserve temporary brief titles will be removed.

Meghan will be going back to SERC by the end of August.

September meeting will be cancelled due to heavy volume of processing reserve lists.

Next meeting: October 19, 2005 location and time TBA

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