Minutes of October 19, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Meghan Lord, Dave Warner, Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian, Kristen Ko(recorder), Krista Dandurand
May Chin


  1. * Annoucements * Updated Reserve Directory * Update on Current Projects * File Size * Holds on Multi-volume Items * Blank Reserve Lists in ilink * Clean-up Old Reserve Records * Sirsi Web Forum * Information Sharing

1.) Annoucements

The Meeting opened by welcoming Debra Goldberg from Camden and Linda Becker from Dana joining the Reserve Group. Group members went around with introductions.

Meghan Lord has left the group and has transferred to a new position at the Alexander Library. Group members expressed thanks for her contributions.

David Warner will be covering SERC until a replacement is found.

Krista Dandurand has joined the group and will be assisting with Reserves at the Kilmer Library.

Zohreh has forwarded to Judy Gardner the group's updated Purpose Statement and recommendations for the group's new name.

2.) Updated Reserve Directory.

The Membership Directory has been undated on both the NBL Website and on the Libraries Webpage under Staff Resources> Contacts. Please review and let Zohreh know if there are any errors.

3.) Update on Current Projects.

4.) File Size

Last semester it was decided to increase the file size limit for electronic Reserves from 1.4MB to 4.0 MB. Group members were supposed to monitor this increase in file size. There have not been any complaints so far. With the new scanner and utilizing PDF Optimizer, average file sizes have decreased. However, it is still emphasized, that files larger than 4.0MB need to be broken.

5.) Holds on Multi-Volume Items

Staff can now place a hold on a specific volume needed for Reserve, through Workflows, rather than placing the request in IRIS. When placing the hold in Workflows, staff need to change the hold from a TITLE level to COPY level. This change will make it much easier and more efficient for Reserve staff to request items.

6.) Blank Reserve List in ilink

It has been reported that ocassionally in ilink, when a patron is using a Reserve List, a blank box will appear. If staff encounter questions about this, please note what browser the patron is using and report the information to systems.

7.) Clean-up Old Reserve Records

Since the last meeting, two lists were distributed, these being locations having old reserve records. Most of the items were brief records created in the MARC format instead of TEMPORARY, or the items were no longer on reserve, but had home locations specified as Reserve. Staff were instructed to remove items from Reserve, delete the old brief records or correct the home locations.

8.) Sirsi Web Forums

Judy Gardner distributed a list of Sirsi Web Forums. There are two forums available for Reserves. Academic Reserves General Discussion Forum and the Academic Reserve Enhancements Forum. Volunteers are needed to participate in these Forums. The names will be given to Chris Sterbeck, and he will issue paswords and sign people up. The web forums require you to login on the Sirsi Website under Clients, and the discussion lists will come directly to your email. In the future, we will vote on enhancements in the areas for Rutgers, and also post out enhancement requests, after discussing and vetting in the Access Services Committee.

9.) Information Sharing

New release of Workflows, GL3.0 will be implemented during Spring Break.  Zohreh reports that the new release will not have much of an effect on Reserves.  Staff can read the release notes available on the library webpage under Staff Resources>Systems>Useful Links>SIRSI Unicorn Documentation>Release notes.  

Summer Reserves have been removed by report. The exception records that could not be removed by report, because there are bills associated with the item records, were distributed. Staff will need to remove the reserve manually by BARRING the patron and entering a note in the patron record with the fine amount, title of the Reserve item, and the date of the fine. After the pub-note has been entered, staff will need to cancel the fine and remove the item from Reserve. If staff have questions, please contact Zohreh.

Next meeting: November 16th, Kilmer Media Center Classroom.

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