Minutes of November 16, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Kevin Conover, John Rake, Dave Warner(recorder), Joseph Asaro, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian, Dean Meister, Linda Becker, Shawn Rogers, Debra Goldberg
Kristin Ko, Shawn Moriarty


  1. New Members
  2. Syllabus Format
  3. Reserve Email Accounts
  4. Faculty Survey
  5. Reserve Enhancements in the Web Forum
  6. Reminder Letter to Faculty
  7. Spr 06 Directory on Webserver
  8. Information Sharing

1.) New Members

The meeting opened by welcoming new members Shawn Moriarty from Kilmer and Kevin Conover, the LSM representative joining the group. Krista Dandurand has left the group and we would like to thank her for helping process reserves at Kilmer during our busy time. Dean has accepted a position at the Annex and is leaving the Reserve Group. Dean has contributed much to Reserves. His contributions included new ideas and suggestions to improve our services, and also ideas to ease the procedure for processing as well. We would like to thank him and wish him the best of luck in his new position.

2.) Syllabus Format

The Ereserves Committee met and is considering implementation of the new Syllabus Format . Dean Meister has pilot projects in the Reserve Module. To view an example of the new format, look at Faculty/Course Name:
Goff, Barbara m for Perspectives on Agriculture and the Enviro

The Committee is investigating what a software liscense would cost. The process requires the use of Dreamweaver to make files available on the web. There will be training for staff wheh it is decided to implement the Syllabus format.

3.) Reserve Email Accounts

It is suggested that we establish an email account for Faculty to send reserve files directly to the larger units. As the process is now, the ereserve mailbox is monitored by Imaging Services and files are only forwarded to the reserve contacts for that location. The establishment of a separate mailbox would mean that reserve staff would access the files and process them immediately. Especially during weekends and busy times. Supervisors and reserve staff will have access to this account. It will require changes to the Faculty Services Webpage. The department email address will replace the ereserve acount in the reserve request online form.

4.) Faculty Survey

There is a plan for a brief survey on the Reserve Faculty Webpage. Zohreh asked the group to consider what information we want and in what format, and to submit or bring to the next meeting specific ideas and questions. This is a good oppourtunity to find out how Faculty feel about our services and how we could improve services. Also, Faculty might want to pass on the concerns of their students, comments we might not get any other way. It was established that Camden and Dana have never performed a reserve survey, although New Brunswick/Piscataway have. The question was raised: Can we get a copy ot the previous survey, both methodology and results, as it might give us a benchmark for planning the upcoming survey.

5.) Reserve Enhancements in the Web Forum

Three names were submitted for the Sirsi Web Forum. They will be able to see the suggestions and enhancements requested by other libraries, and consider them for here at RUL. The process will be to submit ideas to Zohreh, who will bring them to the Access Services Committee. Actual responses to the list will come from Judy. In the last Access Services Committee meeting Judy brought some suggestions she has seen on the Forum. These topics were discussed in the ASC meeting and voted on. They are:

a.) Searching for a Course by Keyword. As the software works now, the student must type in an exact Course Name or Course Number. Searching by keyword would expand the search parameters and so students might have better luck finding their reserve lists; especially when they don't have access to the information required by the system.

b.) Delete Old Course Names There are many courses in the list that are no longer active. This would be a one time purging of old information, and then possibily in the future there would be another purge scheduled. At this point it looks like this would not be a regulary scheduled event.

c.) Multiple Instructors and the See Also Record. There was a question raised about how to process reserves with multiple instructors using the same reserve list. RUL already has established the procedure for this. We can post our procedures on the Sirsi Web Forum.

6.) Reminder Letter to Faculty

The group was reminded that it is time to send out letters about the submission and processing of Reserves for Spring 2006. There is a sample letter on the NBL webpage at:

7.) Spr 06 Directory on Web Server.

Also, the Spring Directories are available on the U drive. We can start to process Reserves for Spring Semester and store them in the appropriate directory. Please keep file size under 4MB. Imaging Services will monitor the directory and alert staff if they see large file sizes. Now is also the time to look at what courses need rolled over.

8.) Information Sharing

There was a case recently at Alexander Library where an Undergraduate submitted a reserve list for a course. The question was raised how to determine that this person is in charge of a course? Also, there was difficulty verifying the course number submitted with the request. A discussion ensured in which members brought forth their concerns. A suggestion was made that there might be a Faculty Advisor working with the undergraduate in question. Also, staff might call the department the student is working in, to verify the status of the instructor and the course. This question will be brought to the ASC.

Imaging Services is Offering a New Service.
The Imaging Services department will now scan color items for Faculty wishing to put the item on Reserve. This will be most helpful to Art Faculty and for Science and Medical Courses. The Imaging Services Department will scan items in color and put them in the appropriate U drive folder so that staff can process them. This service is free and the resulting file will come in under the 4MB limit.

The December Meeting will be a Hoilday lunch meeting. Location and time TBA. Zohreh invited Linda and Shawn from Newark, and Debbie from Camden

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