Minutes of December 12, 2005 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Dave Warner, Kristen Ko, Shawn Moriarty, John Rake, Joseph Asaro, Zohreh Bonianian(recorder)
Fred Onorato, Kevin Conover, Alfreda Richardson, Linda Becker, Shawn Rogers, Debra Goldberg


  1. Reserve Email Accounts
  2. Place Hold for Reserve Items

1.) Reserve Email Accounts

The departmental email accounts were created for Douglass, Kilmer, LSM and Chang Libraries. This is to expedite the processing of efiles sent by faculty for Reserves. The Library reserve staff, supervisors and Zohreh will have access to each libraries email account. The department email address will replace the ereserve email account on the online reserve request form.

2.) Place Hold for Reserve Items.

The placing of holds for reserve items was reviewed. It was emphasized to check the properties for "Hold" icon. Make sure the "Allow recall" button is checked off. Don't check off "Recall now RUSH" button, this makes the book due immediately on a recall and will cause both notices (1st and 2nd) to be printed on the same day and fines will accrue.

Happy Holidays, Next meeting TBA

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