Minutes of February 15, 2006 meeting

Peter Anderson, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, May Chin, Ramon Negron, Joseph Asaro, Shawn Moriarty, Kristen Ko(recorder), Alfreda Richardson, Kevin Conover, John Rake, Linda Becker, Katie Anderson, Fred Onorato, Zohreh Bonianian
Dave Warner, Shawn Rogers


  1. Topics from Eres Meeting
  2. Mid Year Report
  3. Removal of Temporary Brief Title
  4. Review of Statistics on Overnight Reserve Checkout
  5. Information Sharing

1.) Topics from Eres Meeting

ReserveDirect/Syllabus Format. The future of reserves were discussed in the eres meeting. It was decided to put the Syllabus Format on hold for the time being, and evaluate other options. One of the options is ReservesDirect. Group was asked to view ReservesDirect's website and bring concerns to the meeting. ResevesDirect is a complete integrated software package for managing academic reserve materials. The software was developed by Emory University. Faculty have full control of reserve items. One of the members shared his concern about ReservesDirect with professors calling in and putting anything online. Group also discussed concerns with deactivating and reactivating of articles and how this would affect copyright issues. Current policy is that staff can only roll over electronic articles for less than one academic year. With ReservesDirect, files created for reserve will not be removed. This raised space limitation concerns. Zohreh will bring up the groups' concerns at the next Eres Committee meeting.

Reserve Email Accounts and Science Branches. Currently Dana, Camden and most of NBL have set up departmental reserve email accounts. Ereserve email accounts will be replaced by the departmental email accounts. LSM will receive efiles and online foms for the science branches located on Busch Campus and will forward e-files to the corresponding locations. The benefit of the new ereserve email accounts is that it will make proccessing of e-files more manageble for staff. More than one staff can access the departmental email account. Especially if staff are out, another staff member can process the files. This will eliminate the constant updating of personal email accounts listed on the reserve online form, due to changes in staff.

Reserve Survey Subgroup. Zohreh has asked for volunteers to assemble as a subgroup to work on the survey. Group will be evaluating a preliminary set of questions. Time and location of the subgroup meeting will be announced soon.

E-books on Reserve. We will place e-books owned by Rutgers on reserve if requested by faculty. It is important to inform the faculty that 'reserve' does not affect it's circulation policy. There is a limit on the number of students who can access the item concurrently. For faculty who request the purchase of E-books, staff should direct them to the selector.

2.) Mid-Year Report.

The Mid-Year Report was discussed in the meeting. There were many changes in membership over the year. Some highlights the group has accomplished are, training for different format conversions, monitoring file size and clearing of old records with the wrong format. Please review the Mid-Year report and let Zohreh know if anything needs to be added, or if there are additional training needs.

3.) Removal of Temporary Brief Titles.

Fall Reserve items have been removed by report. The exception records were distributed. This is a list of items that could not be removed by report because of old bills associated with the item record. Staff will need to remove the reserve item manually by BARRING the patron and inputing a note in the patron record of the fine amount, title of the reserve item and the date of the fine. After the note has been inserted, staff will then need to waive the fine and remove the item from reserve. If you have questions, please contact Zohreh.

4.) Review of Statistics on Overnight Reserve Checkout

Statistics have been taken and it seems that the use of overnight checkout is very limited. It was recommended to eliminate ovenight checkouts. This issue will be discussed with Judy and Roger. It was emphasized to be flexible for different circulation rules as requested by faculty. Douglass reports that they only circulate books overnight and not professor's copies.

5.) Information Sharing.

Acquisitions department has requested that staff provide as much information and detail as possible for book purchases. Please include title, author, edition, publisher and ISBN. Staff can copy and paste item records from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Draft of the new purpose statement has been distributed. The new purpose statement indicates the reserve group is a subgroup of the Access Services Committee. The new group name will be 'Reserve Group'

Group discussed the future of permanent reserve collections with brief titles that are shadowed. At Alexander, the Annual Reports will be removed from reserves and sent to special collections.

Zohreh asked if any other locations house permanent reserves. Douglass currently has some items on perm reserves which are there because the reference librarians requested. Staff were asked to check the circulation statistics on these items. If the items have not been used for some time, then the perm reserves should be re-evaluated. In any case, librarians will need to make the final decision. We can just remind the reference staff of the limited use of these items in each location. Staff will bring findings to the next meeting.

Zohreh reminded the members to save all files on the U drive and not the local drive. This is important for managing file size, keeping of statistics and removal of files.

Staff were also reminded not to request items from PALCI or ILL for reserves. If books are not available through RUL, go ahead and place a book order for the item.

Ramon requested that book scanners be inspected on a regular basis, due to high usage and to ensure that equipment is working properly. Zohreh will discuss options with Daryll Voorhees from Imaging Services.

In some instances when an article is printed, it will print backwards as a mirror image. To fix the problem, please instruct patrons on the print window to click on 'properties' and then click on 'print as image.'

Next meeting March 15th, Kilmer Media Classroom.

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