Minutes of April 19, 2006 meeting

Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, May Chin, Joseph Asaro, Shawn Moriarty, Kristen Ko (recorder), Alfreda Richardson, Dave Warner, Kevin Conover, John Rake, Linda Becker, Shawn Rogers, Debra Goldberg, Zohreh Bonianian
Peter Anderson, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato


  1. Reserve email account in use
  2. Reserve Faculty Survey Project
  3. Acquisitions database questions
  4. Sirsi Web Forum
  5. Workflows GL 3.0 and reserve module
  6. Information sharing

Reserve mail account in use

Reserve email accounts have been in use for over one month and no problems have been reported. The group was reminded to check email accounts daily. It was suggested to access the reserve account through Webmail and leave it on throughout the day and check back periodically. It was also recommended to remove junk mail regularly to insure proper submission of efiles.

Zohreh asked the group if anyone had problem opening efiles. Eva shared that she received a few efiles that she could not open through Webmail but was able to in Thunderbird. Group was instructed to contact Zohreh with any questions or concerns.

Reserve Faculty Survey Project

Draft of the Reserve Faculty Survey was distributed to the group. Changes made to the survey were to make questions more open-ended. Goal of the survey is to measure how the faculty perceives Reserve services and how our services can be promoted/improved.

The survey is divided into two sections. The first section is for faculty who do not use Reserve services and the second section is for faculty who do use the services.

Group was asked to review the survey and pass along any suggestions to Zohreh.

Acquisitions database questions

Eva shared that she could not input a duplicate title into the database even though the titles had different authors. She received an error message and as a remedy she added a number 1 to the end of one of the titles.

Kristen was able to investigate and has made the necessary changes in redefining the parameters for the title field. Duplicate titles can now be added into the database.

Dana and Camden were encouraged to use the database in tracking reserve orders.

Sirsi Web Forum

Group discussed information posted on the Sirsi Web Forum. There was a message posted on how to deal with multiple instructors for a single course. Group posted our remedy for this situation by using the "see also records". In the enhancement section of the forum, Sirsi responded that they are hoping to resolve this suggestion functionality through integration with DOCUTECK ERES product.

The ability to search course name by keyword was rejected from Sirsi due to the complexity of the issue.

Workflows GL 3.0 and reserve module

The next upgrade for Workflows is GL3.0. Volunteers from the group will test the reserve module in more detail. One problem noted so far, is with Alt-Circ rule at closing desk time. When a reserve item is checked out near closing, the Alt-Circ rule will roll over the item to the next day. This change should not affect the "Still Checked Out Report". Staff will need to make sure that items on the report are returned and discharged properly.

Information sharing

Faculty reserve reminder letters for summer reserves should now have been sent out. Please do so if not done already.

Reserve group information will now also be listed under Staff Resources > Access Services > Committees & Task Forces. Group purpose statement and membership are already posted. Starting this month the minutes will also be posted.

Ramon had requested that reserve scanners be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to insure equipment work properly. This request was discussed with Imaging Services, and dates for the Fall and Spring have been set. Imaging Services staff will be visiting each unit by the end of April for maintenance. Meanwhile, please contact Imaging Services if there are problems with scanners.

Summer 2006 and Fall 2006 ereserve directories are up on the server. Sum06 and fal06 folders have been created on the local U Drive. Electronic reserves could be processed and posted online now.

Processing of books to be on reserve for Fall should be held off until July. Keep in mind to place an order for purchasing a book upon the request.

Next meeting: 5/17/06

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