Minutes of August 16, 2006 meeting

Peter Anderson, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, May Chin, Joseph Asaro, Shawn Moriarty, Kristen Ko(recorder), Alfreda Richardson, Kevin Conover, John Rake, Linda Becker, Katie Anderson, Zohreh Bonianian
Shawn Rogers


  1. Announcements
  2. New Scanner/Copier
  3. Annual report
  4. Resv-Lib User
  5. Reserve Brochure/Budget Cuts
  6. Information Sharing


Dave Warner has accepted a new position and has left the group. The group wishes him the best in his new position. It is not certain when his position will be filled, so Kevin is handling LSM reserves and also scanning for the science branches by himself. Kevin will notify Zohreh, if he needs help processing reserve. Kevin could send the scanning to Imaging Services as well. Alfreda will work ½ day at SERC and ½ day at LSM.

Dave Warner was back up for taking the reserve minutes. Shawn has accepted to be the back up for taking minutes. Zohreh thanked Shawn and also thanked Kristen for taking the minutes on a regular basis.

Group welcomed Katie who was filling in for Debbie.

New Copier/Scanner

Darryl attended the meeting to explain more details in regards to scanning with the new copier. New copiers have the capacity to hold 50 pages and are much faster in scanning. This will reduce the scanning time for articles and thus improve workflow. Darryl distributed handouts to the group demonstrating the saved the time, which equals about hours per year.

Darryl will be working with systems to install full version of Adobe Acrobat on all new Cannon copiers. Camden has already been successful with installing Adobe directly onto the copiers. Hopefully this will allow staff to directly save to the u-drive.

May asked if keyboard express could also be added to the copiers to use macros when assigning file names. Darryl will look into this possibility.
Darryl also added that Network printing will continue to work while someone is scanning.

Zohreh expressed concern if is there a backup in case the new copiers go down, now that printing, copying and scanning have all been combined onto one machine. Darryl does not foresee problems and noted that Imaging Services will continue to serve as a backup in processing electronic reserves.

Any questions and concerns with scanning or the new copiers should be forwarded to Darryl and Zohreh.

Annual report

Zohreh reviewed the highlights from this year's annual report.

Over the past year membership has changed significantly. Dana and Camden also joined the group.

Reserve email accounts have been set up for each unit, allowing for faster processing times for files being sent directly. Zohreh reminded members to delete efiles from emails when finished processing and to regularly clean out junk mail.

Group has also finished documentation on the NBL page. Zohreh has heard positive feedback from new employees.

Members have continued to track book orders for reserves using the Acquisitions Database. Kristen will be examining and expanding cost reports possibilities for the upcoming year.

Group received training on file format conversions and increased file sizes for electronic reserves.

Resv-Lib User

Zohreh shared with the group that there were problems with some of the RESV-LIB users. In these cases, books was placed on reserve and then charged to the Resv-lib user. The books were not discharged and so the Resv-lib users accrued reserve fines and became blocked. Any holds were cancelled or not placed because of the blocked status. Zohreh instructed members to investigate RESV-LIB user record if any holds are cancelled due to borrowing privilege being barred.

Reserve Brochure/Budget Cuts

Reserve brochures have been discontinued. All information is available online from the Libraries main website. Group was instructed to direct faculty to the online page for questions or information.

Zohreh reported no news on cutting the book budget but cautioned staff to be aware of book purchases especially for multiple orders for the same book. Judith Ward from Acquisitions will be in contact with staff if problems arise. However, the turnaround time for purchasing the reserve books has been changed from 48 hours to two weeks.

Information Sharing

J-client has been installed on all NBL reserve staff locations. This software will be installed for Dana and Camden reserve staff soon.

Fred reports that he has noticed a difference in creating reserves. The course and instructor information does not automatically carry over as previously. Zohreh has reported this problem to systems. Zohreh has found a solution by leaving the display user window along with the display course window open and then creating reserve; the information will carry over.

Another difference is in property for 'CREATE RESEVE '. In the individual reserve section the expiration date could not be set as a date. It has the value of 'NEVER', or 'TODAY', or Blank. As the reserve creates the date has to be manually entered every time. Problem has been reported to systems.

Peter has noticed there is a problem when creating reserve for multiple copies. You need to choose the "blank" field for the stage under properties. If not done, when creating all copies will be placed on reserves.

Eva shared that when you place only one copy of multiple copies on reserve and then click on the view button in IRIS under reserves, that it would display one as "on reserve" and the other(s) as "not on reserve". The status fields showing Stacks, Folio, Checked out, etc… disappear. However, search the IRIS with the title of the book shows the proper status of the book.

Please report any additional concerns/questions with J-client to Zohreh.

Still checked out reports will resume September 5th.

Zohreh has sent everyone the updated IP address for FTP.

Adam has created text to be added to the online documentation under Faculty services for electronic reserves, which will state to submit best quality copies of articles to be scanned for electronic reserves. Zohreh will submit to Judy for approval.

No September meeting. Next meeting will be held in October. TBA

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