Minutes of October 18, 2006 meeting

Peter Anderson, Ramon Negron, Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, May Chin, Joseph Asaro, Shawn Moriarty, Kristen Ko(recorder), Adam Wolfson, Debra Goldberg, and Zohreh Bonianian
Fred Onorato, Alfreda Richardson, Kevin Conover, and John Rake


  1. Removal of Reserve Control Records / Brief Titles
  2. FIGS Program
  3. SAKAI and ereserve
  4. IE and Electronic Reserves
  5. Toolbar Management
  6. Reserves display in ILINK
  7. Routing Reserve pickup notices to LIB-RESV email address
  8. Adobe Acrobat v.7
  9. Information Sharing

Removal of Reserve Control Records / Brief Titles

All reserve control records with expiration of 8/31/06 have been removed by systems. Temporary brief titles created prior to 7/1/06 with no reserve control record attached to them have been removed.

Zohreh reported few problem titles due to fines attached to items. She distributed problem lists to those locations to have items manually removed.

The group was also reminded to check and set properties for Creating Brief Titles, especially if reserve items are processed at other computers beside your own; i.e. Circ desk computers with different properties set for creating brief title. All records should be created with TEMPORARY format, and SHADOW TITLE should be checked off. Also, staff was reminded to use standard call numbers when creating reserves. The proper Call Number for a faculty member's personal copy is PROFESSOR'S COPY. It has been more than two years since this call number has been changed from PC. Since we no longer have any articles as hard copy on reserve, there should not be any call number with PHOTOCOPY. It is important to be consistent with our naming convention for call number regardless of the reserve unit location.

If items need to be rolled over, group was instructed to use the duplicate title function. Created date for temporary brief records should not be older than one year.

FIGS Program

FIGS program (First Year Interest Group Seminar) seniors are teaching one-credit courses to first year students. Name of the peer instructors and the course numbers was distributed among the reserve group at the beginning of the semester. It was anticipated that some might utilize the reserve services. Currently only Alexander Library undergrad reserve have received and processed lists from this program.

SAKAI & e-reserve

Sakai is a course management software platform that has the capacity to present a direct link to library e-reserve. Some faculty are currently using Sakai to link to their reserve lists this semester. It was suggested that group members attend Sakai training to familiarize them with this software. Roger and Zohreh are developing a guide to be posted in the Reserve Service Guide for Faculty. For more information visit the sakai site at Rutgers at https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal. Please advise faculty to visit this site with any questions they may encounter with linking E Reserve. There is an email address available to answer any questions in this site. They can also forward questions on to Roger or Zohreh.

IE and Electronic Reserves

A faculty member reported that some of his students were not able to have remote access to his e-reserves. The links were working on site. The problem was reported to systems. It seems there are some issues with using Internet Explorer as a browser. If students are using IE and clicking on reserve link and nothing is coming up, please check that IE is not blocking pop-ups. Open Adobe Acrobat and go to Edit, choose Preferences. In Preference choose Internet and make sure "Display PDF in Browser" is not checked. If it is, make sure to uncheck it, click OK and close Acrobat.

Toolbar Management

Group was polled and asked if Toolbar training in J client would be something useful. Many of the members suggested having a group training to review the reserve module. Zohreh will report this request to ASC.

Zohreh alerted members about updating in J-client. When the "update" message pops-up and staff choose yes, WorkFlows will disappear. Chris Sterbeck's response to this situation is as follows: SirsiDynix made some changes so that only those with Administrative rights to the Windows workstation can update the J client, yet Systems no longer gives administrative rights when they install workstations. So this change by SirsiDynix is something Systems is still working at trying to solve.

For now, please have someone put in a trouble ticket for each workstation when updates are available. Systems staff will have to do the updates to the J client.

Workflows will upgrade to GL3.1. This version is loaded into the test system for testing and Zohreh will ask some of members to help test this version.

Reserves display in ILINK

Bob Warwick is working to have items displayed and numbered 1-50 in ILINK. This will help with the confusion of students not clicking the "NEXT" button to view rest of items on the reserve list. Notification will go out when this change takes place.

Routing Reserve pickup notices to LIB-RESV email address

Advantages of sending reserve pick up notices to local reserve email address as opposed to staff personal email addresses was discussed in the meeting. The group agreed to this change. This is beneficial since there would be no need to change the email address as staff leave or move to other positions.

Adobe Acrobat v.7

In mid-December, Imaging Services is planning to update/install Adobe 7.0 on all reserve staff members computers.

Group members report that scanning on the new Cannon copier/scanner machine is faster and picture quality is much better.

Systems has created an e-copy folder on each local U-Drive. It was recommended to save scanned articles directly to the e-copy folder.

May shared that if the article is clean, it scans very well. But for articles with black borders, you can't crop as you are scanning.

Eva reported that optimizer function does not work well on the new scanner/copier. For large articles, she recommends choosing smaller resolution and to watch for file size when completed.

Please let Zohreh know of any concerns or problems.

Information Sharing

Due to budget cuts, the Alexander Undergraduate reserve desk has closed and merged with the circulation desk.

Zohreh reported that two permanent reserve collections: Rutgers University Annual Reports and Masterplots at Alexander Undergraduate reserve desk have been removed.

May inquired about how to handle old outdated permanent reserves. Zohreh will speak with Judy regarding this matter.

Just to note, on the Sirsi Web Forum the topic of what to do about holds placed on reserve items was discussed. Chris Sterback replied that a weekly report is run on these reserve holds, and a staff member removes the holds. This report runs every Monday, and Ramon is responsible for removing these holds. Zohreh is backup.

Next meeting: TBA

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