Minutes of February 20, 2007 meeting

Alfreda Richardson, Fred Onorato, Shawn Rogers, Linda Becker, Christine Duffy, Kevin Conover, Ramon Negron, Irina Loutchkina, Eva Kalamotousis, May Chin, Joseph Asaro, Shawn Moriarty(recorder), Kristen Ko, Adam Wolfson, John Rake, and Zohreh Bonianian
Peter Anderson, Debra Goldberg


  1. Removal of Fall Reserves
  2. Mid-Year Report
  3. New Projects
  4. RUL RESERVE Toolbar in J-Client
  5. Information Sharing

Removal of Fall Reserves

All reserve control records with expiration of 1/31/07 have been removed by systems. Temporary brief titles created prior to 11/16/06 with no reserve control record attached to them have been removed.

Zohreh reported a few problem titles due to item records having fines attached. She distributed problem lists to those locations to have the items manually removed.

Zohreh reminded the group of proper procedures for removing fines in order to delete the temporary brief title records.

  1. Bar all users with fines.
  2. Place a PUBNOTE in their user record indicating the date, the reserve number, the book title, and the amount of the outstanding fine.
  3. The original fine should be waived.
  4. The reserve record and brief title can be now removed from the system manually.
  5. Once the fine is paid, access services staff can unbar the user and remove the note.

Zohreh asked if anyone had any problems with these procedures in the past. There was some concern in Camden about removing the system-created bills. The group will investigate further to see if there is any way to create a bill with no association to an item record.

Mid-Year Report

All group members received copies of the Mid-Year Report. Zohreh reviewed the contents and encouraged members to submit any goals or changes.

Some of the key points follow:

New Projects

RUL RESERVE Toolbar in J-Client

Zohreh created a new customized toolbar in the J-Client. It has all of the wizards needed for Reserves at RUL. She included display order info, modify title, and duplicate title. It is labeled RUL Reserves, and it appears as a tab at the top of the J-Client screen, along with the other Workflows modules. Zohreh asked everyone to inspect the toolbar and suggest any possible changes. Migration to J-Client will be in June. J-Clint was to have been installed on the reserve staff member’s PC, but it was noted that Christine Duffy of LSM and Shawn Rogers and Linda Becker of Dana do not yet have the J-Client installed on their computers.

Information Sharing

Music – John had been having some problems uploading Powerpoint documents for reserve. Adam shared his technique for converting Powerpoint files to PDF files. He usually displays 2 slides per page.

Douglass – May shared some problems with the new scanner. Some pages have not been scanning clearly. No other libraries have reported problems at this point. Cleaning the glass of the scanner may help, as this was a problem that also would happen with the old scanners.

Dana – Dana has not yet received new copier/scanners.

The Reserve Services a Guide for Faculty brochure is no longer in print, but a PDF print version is available on the RUL webpage. You can direct any faculty to the Reserves Services Guide for Faculty on the RUL webpage:
The link to the PDF is located on the top right hand corner of the page.

Next meeting: TBA

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