Minutes of April 18, 2007 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Linda Becker, May Chin, Kevin Conover, Christine Duffy, Debra Goldberg, Kristen Ko(recorder), Irina Loutchkina, Shawn Moriarty, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, John Rake, Shawn Rogers, Adam Wolfson, and Zohreh Bonianian.
Peter Anderson, Alfreda Richardson, Eva Kalamotousis


  1. Reserve fines
  2. Summer Reserves Reminder Letters to Faculty
  3. Spring Reserve Preview Lists
  4. Sum07 & Fal07 Folder on U-drive / Sum07 & Fal07 Eres Directory on Web Server
  5. Cleaning up Course ID section
  6. Sakai & e-reserves
  7. Information Sharing

Reserve Fines

At the end of each semester, brief item records are removed by Systems. Item records with bills attached cannot be removed by report and need to be removed manually.

Current procedure has been to change the status of the patron to Barred and indicate reason as “reserve fine” in the pub-note field. The fine attached to the item is then Waived and record removed.

In the last meeting, the group discussed using “MISC” to create a bill. Use of MISC under the billing feature does not prompt a need for an Item ID (barcode), fine can be created by simply entering an amount. Fines less than $5 will change status of patron to Delinquent. Fines over $5, will change their status to Blocked.

The group will need to use pub-notes and has agreed to standardization. Pub-notes will include: Date and time item checked out, date and time item returned and also include the Course Name of the reserve item. After the fine is paid, staff should remove the note from patron’s record.

Summer Reserve Reminder Letters to Faculty

Summer reserve reminder letters to Faculty should have been sent out April 15th. Letter template is available on the NBL page. The group members were encouraged to send out letters as soon as possible if not done so already.

Spring Reserve Preview Lists

Spring preview lists are scheduled to run May 1st. Zohreh will send lists to local reserve email accounts.

Last semester Zohreh also ran preview list for the Art Library in Director’s Station. The group compared both reports. Members found Director’s Station report not as beneficial since call numbers could not be included in the report.

Sum07 & Fal07 Folder on U-drive / Sum07 & Fal07 Eres Directory on Web Server

Local folders for summer and fall 07 have been created on the u-drive. Summer and fall 07 eres directories also have been created. Staff have been reminded to update and roll over any e-files if necessary.

Cleaning up Course ID sections

Christine reported that she has come across old reserve courses with multiple course names. She also brought up if sections number and/or library were needed when creating a course.

The group agreed that course section and library were needed, since patrons may become confused. It was also suggested to use the course name found in the online course directory when creating courses for standardization. Each unit could clean up old courses created for reserve. Shawn Rogers reminded the group that the course created for reserve were supposed to be deleted at the end of each semester.

Sakai & e-reserves

Zohreh inquired the group if any faculty members have asked about Sakai and e-reserves. Some problems were reported to the Alexander library at the beginning of the spring semester. Zohreh encouraged members to attend Director’s Station training when given the opportunity. Group members who did attend were asked to think about what kinds of reports could be generated. Members are encouraged to share any idea with Zohreh.

Information Sharing

Ramon and May reported problems with Canon scanner. Zohreh will follow-up with Darryl Voorhees.

Still Checked Out reports will be suspended for most locations during the summer and will resume in the fall.

Group should be practicing with J-client. Members should be familiar before scheduled J- client training in May.

Shawn Moriarty inquired about “Receive Reserve” function in J-client. It was also in the C- Client. This wizard was never used in C-Client.

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