Minutes of June 20, 2007 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Kevin Conover, Christine Duffy, Eva Kalamotousis, Kristen Ko(recorder), Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, John Rake, and Zohreh Bonianian.
Linda Becker, May Chin, Debra Goldberg, Shawn Moriarty, Alfreda Richardson, Shawn Rogers, Adam Wolfson.


  1. Removal of Spring Reserve records
  2. Exception Records and Reserve Fines
  3. Fall Reserve Reminder letter to faculty
  4. Annual Report - Goals
  5. J-Client Training
  6. Utilizing Sakai for Communication
  7. Information Sharing

Zohreh announced that Peter Anderson retired. Peter has been with the RU libraries more than 18 years. He worked at SERC, Chemistry and Alexander libraries. The group thanked him for his contributions and wish him the best.

Removal of Spring Reserve records

Spring reserve records have been removed by report. Zohreh shared reserve statistics from the last four semesters. Group members processed 1,000 more records this spring than last spring semester. Overall, reserve numbers are up.

Exception Records and Reserve Fines

Zohreh distributed the exception records for each location that need to be removed manually. These records were not removed due to having a bill associated with them. Staff will waive the fine and then create a bill under ‘MISC’ by entering bill amount. Staff will annotate patron’s records in a PUB-NOTE indicating bill created for reserve overdue. For details, click on ‘ALL’ under Bills tab and look for RESERVEOVD bill history.

Fall Reserve Reminder Letters to Faculty

Summer reserve reminder letters to Faculty should have been sent out by June 15th. The letter template is available on the NBL page. Group members were encouraged to send out the letter as soon as possible if they have not done so already. Most of the group is sending letters directly to Faculty members.

Annual Report – Goals

The goals accomplished during the year were reviewed. New goals were set and the group will continue to work on some on-going goals for next year.

J-Client training

All staff attended the J-Client training sessions. Zohreh asked whether reserve group members need another training specifically for the reserve portion for J-Client. Group members have been working with J-client for a while and do not feel a need for additional training.

Utilizing Sakai for Communication

Continuing the discussion for the J-client training, Zohreh mentioned that Roger has created a Sakai site for the J-client. Access Services staff are members of this site. There are two forums in the discussion and private messages portion of this site, Reserve and RDS. Group members were encouraged to login to this site using NETID and password and post any questions or concerns and participate in the discussion.

Information Sharing

Christine shared that Circulation group has used Sakai to hold their May meeting. Group members logged in and participated and discussed meeting topics online.

Zohreh discussed the free article delivery and the possibility of faculty using this service to request articles for reserve processing.

Next meeting TBA.

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