Minutes of October 17, 2007 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Linda Becker, Kevin Conover, Christine Duffy, Debra Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Kristen Ko(recorder), Irina Loutchkina, Shawn Moriarty, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, John Rake, Alfreda Richardson, Shawn Rogers, Adam Wolfson, and Zohreh Bonianian.


  1. Announcements
  2. How to create user record for reserve purpose – Duplicate user records
  3. Increase number of e-reserves?
  4. Exception records and Reserve’s fine
  5. New Reserve documentation page
  6. Maintenance of local reserve email account
  7. Information Sharing


Eva has been promoted to the reserve coordinator for Alexander Library Graduate reserves.

May Chin has retired from Douglass Library after more than 26 years of service. She will truly be missed and group wishes her the best in her retirement.

How to create user record for reserve purpose – Duplicate user records

Group has agreed to put the barcode in both the alt ID and user ID fields when creating a new user record for reserve, as opposed to RES-00-name. Zohreh emphasized that staff should be filling in the address field with email address and other information if available. Staff should annotate record with pub-note indicating record was created for reserve and to update record.

Occasionally, staff may come across duplicate user records. This is most frequently in the case when there is a graduate student who is also a teaching instructor. If you do encounter duplicate records, one as fac/staff and the other as grad record, please also check the addresses to make sure these two records are the same person. If addresses are the same, then two records will need to be consolidated.

With duplicate records, usually the record with status of FAC/STF has not been registered, so there are no holds or checkouts on this record. Staff will need to copy the SSN from the Fac/Staff record. Then delete the Fac/Staff record, and paste the SSN in Alt-ID field in Grad record. Staff will then need to manually change status of the record from Grad to FAC/STF. The updated record will then be data loaded in the next patron load.

Increase number of e-reserves?

Currently, the maximum number of electronic reserves a professor can place at any time for a single course is 40 items. Some of the members have expressed that faculty do request to place more than the limit. It was suggested to increase the number of e-reserve to 50 items per course. Zohreh will inquire about any server space limitations.

Exception records and Reserve’s fine

Exception record lists were distributed to staff. Item records that could not be removed by report because of fines will need to be manually removed by staff. Reserve fines attached to items will be removed and then re-created in patron’s record using ‘MISC’ fine.

Instructions were distributed on how to create a bill in patron’s record. If staff members have any questions or concerns please let Zohreh know.

New Reserve documentation page

Group reviewed new reserve documentation page. All documentation has been updated.

Any suggestions for the page should be forwarded to Zohreh.

Reserve Request Form has been updated indicating Faculty need to provide hard copies for electronic reserves. Updated form is available on the library website under Access Services Forms. Staff are to print new form and use at the desk.

ERES transmittal form needs to be updated with name change to Imaging Services rather than Copy Center. Art is currently the only location that uses the form. All other locations process electronic reserves directly on site.

Maintenance of local reserve email account

Staff shared frustrations with junk mail on reserve email accounts. Documentation on how to handle spam is available on the RUCS website. Zohreh stressed that even though filters are set up, staff will need to double check junk mail folders for legitimate emails from Faculty.

Ramon will check with Andrew Ruggiero to see if there is specific way filters should be set up to lessen the spam coming through the reserve email accounts.

Information Sharing

Most member are currently using Adobe version 7.0.

Alex staff have updated to Window 2007 and have encountered problems using the Access Database for Reserves Acquisitions. Alex staff are unable to update or add information to the database. Kristen will investigate and try to create another version in 2007. Please report any problems to Kristen or Zohreh for review.

All staff should be using J-client. No complaints were reported.

The ability to see reserve checkout time for returns has been lost in J-client. For example if a reserve item was checked out, the “due time- 12:20” was displayed in the C-Client. It was helpful to know exact time due back especially for highly used reserve items. As an alternative, staff can see Reserve item checked with due date and time in IRIS.

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