Minutes of December 19, 2007 meeting

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  1. Announcement
  2. Increased number of e-reserve/course
  3. Reserve Preview list
  4. Reserve still checked out Reports
  5. Acquisitions database


Group welcomed Gill Newton the new reserve staff member at the Alexander undergraduate Reserve. Shawn Moriarity and Adam Wolfson from Kilmer and Chang libraries left Rutgers. We wish them well in their new endeavors.

Increased number of e-reserve/course

The group was informed that the number of e-reserves has increased from 40 items to 50 items per course. Faculty members were requesting this increase. Due to this increase it is now even more important to make sure the file size stays within the limit of 4MB. There are files scanned either with high resolution or with Image Mode of Gray scale. These files tend to exceed the limit. Staff should split these files as necessary to comply with the file size. Make sure to remove the large file from the server and then ftp the new smaller files.

Reserve Preview list

The Reserve Preview lists were run and distributed to each location. It was stressed to use the standard expiration dates of 1/31/yr, 5/31/yr, and 8/31/yr. The reports run using these criteria.

Reserve still checked out Reports

This report run every night 5 minutes after the desk is closed. The intention of this report is to ensure all the reserve items were discharged properly. The end result of this report goes to a designated computer, and also to reserve staff email of each unit. The shift supervisor, or any staff/ students (branches) covering the desk till closing, need to check this report and make sure all the returned reserve items are discharged properly. After the report is checked, it must be deleted. Systems doesn’t want these reports to accumulate, therefore they should be removed on a regular basis.

Acquisitions Database

In order to make Acquisition database compatible with the Microsoft office 2007 these steps should be taken

The database is now accessible. Don’t forget these steps should be taken every time access is opened.

We wish everyone Happy and Healthy Holidays.

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