Minutes of February 20, 2008 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Linda Becker, Kevin Conover, Christine Duffy, Debra Goldberg, Jennifer Holland, Eva Kalamotousis, Kristen Ko(recorder), Jill Locascio, Irina Loutchkina, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton, Fred Onorato, John Rake, Shawn Rogers, Abdullah Sherzad, and Zohreh Bonianian. .
Alfreda Richardson


  1. Welcoming new members
  2. Removal of Fall reserve records
  3. Exception records
  4. Mid-Year Report
  5. Display on some Reserve Wizard in GL3.1
  6. Reserve / Patron Hold
  7. See Also Record and SAKAI
  8. Information Sharing

Welcoming new members

The meeting opened up with introductions of new members Jill Locascio from Kilmer, Jennifer Holland from Chang, and Abdullah Sherzad from Douglass Library.

Removal of Fall reserve records

Fall reserve records and brief titles have been removed by report. Titles not removed because of incorrect formats, were compiled and forwarded to staff by Zohreh. Members manually removed these items.

Zohreh suggested members create brief titles at their own computers or make sure the format is set to TEMPORARY when creating records elsewhere.

Exception records

Exception record lists were distributed to staff. Item records that have fines associated with them could not be removed by report. The fines should be waived and these item records will need to be manually removed. The fine will then be created in patron’s record using ‘MISC’ as the reason for the BILL.

Instructions on how to create a bill in patron’s record are available on the library website under About the Libraries/Staff Resources/Access Services/Reserves.

Midyear Report

Two highlights from this year were migration to J-client and consolidation of documentation from NBL to Staff resources on the library website.

Group also increased the number of electronic reserves from 40 to 50 items. Zohreh reminded members to check the file size. File size should not exceed 4.0 MB.

Display on some Reserve Wizard in GL3.1

Terry McNally reported seeing html code in the current field of some records when using Display Reserve wizard. Chris Sterback reported this to SirsiDynix. This problem will occur when there is a semi-colon in the title. The reserve display problem will be fixed in the next full release of Unicorn, called Symphony 3.2, in December 2008.

Reserve / Patron Hold

Ramon reported that as he charged a book to Resv-lib user, the status of that book went to in-transit for another hold. Eva also noticed the same situation. Chris responded that since RESV users are re-circulate users (meaning items can be charged to them and someone else) and there was an active hold for pickup at another location, this may be the reason that item went to in-transit. It was suggested to remove any patron holds right before you process it for reserve.

See Also Record and SAKAI

One of the faculty members complained that he was not able to link from Sakai to library e-reserves. The reason was that a See Also record was used to cross reference e-reserves for this faculty. It was decided to avoid using the ‘SEE ALSO’ record if faculty members submit individual lists. In cases where faculty members select one primary instructor and they advise their students to search for reserve items under this instructor’s name only, ‘SEE ALSO’ record can be used.

Information Sharing

Joe – Had an instructor who wanted multiple copies of a book and manual to be purchased for his class. Since the book was expensive and the class was small in number, he contacted the professor to let him know that the libraries were only able to purchase one copy. The professor was fine with the decision.

Ramon – Asked about adding a book to multiple courses. Zohreh explained using the Add/ Remove Individual Reserve function.

Jennifer – Received reserve lists without articles. Faculty expected her to scan from the book. It was suggested that Jennifer advise the faculty to visit the Library web-page of Reserve Services – A guide for faculty, Journal article – Chapter of a book. It indicates that faculty need to provide photocopies of materials needed to be placed on reserve

Eva – Found that when updating a record in the Reserves Acquisitions Database, the course number does not appear and therefore cannot be modified if necessary. Kristen will investigate and get back to members by next meeting.

Camden and Dana - will need access to the Reserve Acquisitions Database. The database can be found in libru,liblsm,vol1,Groups,Common, and then Reserve acquisitions database folder. Kristen will add Camden and Dana to the database, so they can enter their reserve book orders.

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