Minutes of May 14, 2008 meeting

Joseph Asaro, Kevin Conover, Christine Duffy, Jennifer Holland, Eva Kalamotousis, Jill Locascio, Ramon Negron, Gill Newton(recorder), and Zohreh Bonianian


  1. Spring reserve preview lists
  2. Review procedures for removal of reserve records
  3. System down time and new reserve removal date
  4. Reserve still charged out reports
  5. Checking properties of Duplicate Title
  6. Change to Item Type and Home Location fields and Reserve

Spring reserve preview lists

Zohreh has emailed copies of the spring reserve preview report to all members of the group. The preview list contains all reserve items with an expiration date of 5/31/08, which will be removed by the system soon. This list should be reviewed to ensure all rollovers for summer are completed before these items are deleted. Zohreh reminded everyone that when rolling over spring semester items to summer semester they must ensure that the expiration date is changed to 8/31/08. In addition the URL must be changed from spr08 to sum08 and FTP to summer server. The files should be copied from spr08 to sum08 folder on the U drive.

Review procedures for removal of reserve records

The system will remove all reserve records with an expiration date of 5/31/08. Books will immediately show that they are "In Stacks", even though their actual location is still at the reserve desk. Therefore it is important to put books from other libraries in transit as quickly as possible, and return them to their home location before they are thought to be missing.

Temporary brief records created for reserve will be removed by early June. Zohreh will notify reserves staff when this is to happen. If any records are in an incorrect format they will not be removed by the system. In that case we will receive an exceptional record report and need to remove the record manually.

System down time and new reserve removal date

Workflows will be down from May 19 to 21, for migration to Oracle. Removal of the reserve control records was originally scheduled on 5/21/08. Due to the system down time the new date is set for 5/26/08. Reserve staff members will be notified on Tuesday 5/27/08 that reserve control records were removed and to pull the books from the reserve shelves and send them back to the owning libraries. During the system down time reserve items will be charged manually if needed.

Reserve still charged out reports

Zohreh reminded everyone to remove the 'Reserve still charged out' report on a regular basis and not allow the reports to accumulate. This report will be suspended on May 21 for most of the locations and resume at the beginning of the fall semester.

Checking properties of Duplicate title

A duplicate title must be created for an electronic reserve if the original record is at least one-year old and the title is to be rolled over for the next semester. Remember to check properties for the Duplicate title wizard to ensure that Item Type and Home Location fields are showing "reserve".

Change to Item Type and Home Location fields and Reserve

Library Integrated Systems (LIS) committee have suggested redefining the use of the Item Type field in Workflows. There is an informational session on this topic on May 29. Zohreh suggested that all reserve group members attend if possible. This change to Item Type may also require us to test records to determine any impact on reserves.

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