Minutes of April 15, 2009 meeting

Linda Becker, Zohreh Bonianian, Kevin Conover, Debra Goldberg, Eva Kalamotousis, Jill Locascio, Ramon Negron, Gillian Newton, John Rake, Shawn Rogers, Abdullah Sherzad, Penny Weniger
Irina Loutchkina, Joe Asaro
Christine Duffy, Alfreda Richardson


Mid Year Report

Penny provided a copy of the mid-year report which was recently submitted. The group discussed the goals achieved and also those which are ongoing.

Request for Systems to remove older non-active courses

In order to accommodate the request for standardization of course names by the IPAC Committee, it has been decided that our first step in the project will be to remove courses which are no longer active. Penny will discuss with Bob Warwick in order to begin the task of eliminating old reserve records with no items attached.

Standardization of course names or just the basics?

It was brought to the group’s attention that Bob Warwick, along with Stephanie Bartz feel strongly that in order to facilitate our users in searching reserves, it is necessary to overhaul the way reserve course titles are entered each semester. The group came up with several possible solutions; such as typing out entire course names, refrain from using abbreviations, or come up with something unique. Additionally the group felt that it will be beneficial to have the input of both Bob and Stephanie in designing this new standard. Penny created a sub-group which is tasked with not only standardization, but also to sit down and discuss possible solutions with Bob and Stephanie. They are: Jill Locascio, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Loutchkina, Gillian Newton, Zohreh Bonianian, and Penny Weniger. Furthermore, this group is tasked with implementing the pilot project which will be tested during the upcoming fall 09 semester.

Design of an online form for submission of e-files

The reserve group has been charged to devise a new and improved online form for submitting reserve requests. A sub-group was formed which is responsible for a design due at the next reserve meeting. The members are: Kevin Conover, Ramon Negron, John Rake, and Abdullah Sherzad.


Summer Eres folder is now active.

Reminder to faculty letter should be sent.

Access database

Recently a question arose regarding the Access database. As Jill maintains the database, she was asked to give a brief training session to the following – Nita Mukherjee, John Rake and Penny. Additionally, Penny will ask Andy Martinez if any other branch managers may be interested in attending the session.

Due to commencement on our next scheduled meeting day, the May meeting will be canceled. The next reserve group meeting will be June 17. 2009. Time and place TBA. However, the subgroups are encouraged to begin work on their projects. Penny will be in touch with the subgroup members for progress reports.

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