Minutes of January 18, 2012 meeting

Jill Locascio, Joseph Asaro, Zohreh Bonianian, Teresa McNally, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Lotchkina, Alfreda Richardson
Kevin Conover, Debbie Goldberg, Ramon Negron, John Rake, Abdullah Sherzad
Judy Gardner


Ebooks for Reserves

The reserves department has begun taking requests for E-Books to be placed on reserve. The group went over the general policy and procedural guidelines:

A few libraries such as Kilmer and Robeson have already received requests for Ebooks. Some are already Rutgers owned and have unlimited access and some are in the process of being ordered. There have been a few minor bumps with faculty requesting Ebooks that are not available according to our guidelines or even at all but this is to be expected as this service is still in its infancy. These bumps will be ironed out as the service grows. Procedurally, reserve staff is linking to the IRIS record of the EBook rather than the EBook itself but this may change soon. Staff will be notified in the event of procedures being updated.

Scanning Service for Faculty

The group began to discuss issues regarding the establishment of a book chapter scanning service for faculty, brainstorming on proposed policy and procedures.

The general idea is that professors will submit a request through ILLiad for a Rutgers owned book chapter to be scanned. Reserve staff of the unit which owns the book will locate the book, scan the chapter, and send the scanned document to the professor, again through ILLiad.

There are various issues that the reserve group will look into and address before moving forward with this service:

Placing requests on non-holdable items

Zohreh suggested that reserve staff be more vigilant when placing holds on books. Sometimes when there are multiple copies of a book the hold gets placed on a non-circulating copy. Thus, it is prudent to check off the "copy level" option when placing requests where this may be the case.

Information Sharing

Kilmer: There has been a high volume of spring semester reserves thus far. Many professors have become sloppy with filling out reserves paper work, omitting pertinent information.

SERC: Things have been very busy but there is a new scanner.

Robeson: Reserves have been busy. Renovations are ongoing. Part of the collection (As and Bs) is still being shadowed.

Alex: Spring reserves are still being submitted and processed.

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