Minutes of March 21, 2012 meeting

Jill Locascio, Joseph Asaro, Zohreh Bonianian, Debbie Goldberg, Irina Lotchkina, Alfreda Richardson, Kevin Conover, John Rake, Ramon Negron
Abdullah Sherzad, Eva Kalamotousis


Media Streaming for Reserves

John Rake explained the new Media Reserves Streaming pilot project which was recently launched. Instructors may now request short portions of video to be made available to be streamed within the reserve module. The process is similar to what is currently in place for streaming audio files. The video portions must be for educational purposes and comply with fair use. The video stream is password protected as well. The program has not been widely publicized; rather particular departments were targeted and informed of it. The service is available for all instructors, however.

Scanning Service

At the last meeting the group delved into a lot of the issues involved in establishing a book chapter scanning service. Based on the discussion at the last meeting the group was able to identify and address key issues and come away from this meeting with a draft of the purpose statement of the scanning service. In the days following the meeting the group will review the draft and recommend any additional revisions. Contingent on the approval of the scanning service, the group will move forward with the implementation of the service and all that it will entail (e.g. ILLiad training, website updates, etc.).

The group also discussed how the scanning service would be integrated with reserves. It was decided that the two should remain separate entities, yet reserve policy be updated to keep up with the new service. At the current time the reserve departmentís policy is to not place individual book chapters on reserve but rather to suggest the entire book be placed on reserve. With the possible advent of the scanning service the group will propose changing this policy. If a professor requests that a book chapter be placed on reserve staff will comply directly rather than pointing them to ILLiad, which may encourage the professor to print out the received chapter and then resubmit to reserves, thus creating possible confusion and inefficiency. The group will update this reserve policy upon approval of the scanning service.


Procedures for placing E-Books on reserve have been updated since the last meeting. The group had discussed linking to the E-Book itself rather than the record containing the link in the catalog at the last meeting and this is now reflected in the procedures. The updated document has been uploaded to Sakai.

If anyone has any questions regarding reserve items they have ordered from acquisitions please contact either Megan Ruszala (mr923@rulmail.rutgers.edu or 5-5894) or Mary Beth Weber (mbfecko@rulmail.rutgers.edu or 5-0500), as they will be the ones best able to answer these questions.

The statistics project is finished for now. All of the spreadsheets (of which there are many) have been uploaded to Sakai as well as a basic summary of the findings. Overall, professors have been placing fewer E-Reserve requests over the past three semesters.

Information Sharing

Kilmer: A new computer lab was installed over Spring Break, taking up a large portion of the first floor. The re-design has been a major success thus far, as students seem to appreciate the additional computers as well as the overall new set up. Spring reserves are still coming in.

Alexander: Spring reserves have slowed down but the first of the summer reserves have started to come in.

SERC: Spring reserves have slowed down. The 24 hour schedule is about to begin. Math has been very busy.

Media: The new Media Streaming for Reserves pilot project has been launched. So far things have gone smoothly.

Douglass: There has been increased traffic at the library due to a new seminar room.

LSM: Reserves are very slow. The 1st floor reference collection is being weeded and additional space is being made for studying.

Robeson: The precarious situation of Rutgers Camden is at the forefront of everyone's thoughts. Debbie shared the save Rutgers Camden website: http://info.saverutgerscamden.org/ with the group and urges everyone to show their support in whatever way possible, i.e. signing petitions, contacting legislators, raising awareness, etc.

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