Minutes of June 20, 2012 meeting

Jill Locascio, Joseph Asaro, Zohreh Bonianian, Eva Kalamotousis, Irina Lotchkina, Abdullah Sherzhad, Debra Goldberg, Kevin Conover, John Rake


Staff Resources webpage review

The June meeting took place on Sakai. The group examined the Reserves Functional Group webpage on the Staff Resources part of the Librariesí website and evaluated all of the documents contained within in order to make sure that they were all still timely and relevant. The group then made recommendations as to a couple of items that should be updated and/or removed all together from the site. These changes will be implemented shortly.

Future Initiatives

Zohreh brought up the fact that students will sometimes find ways to leave the building with Professor's Copy reserve books during finals. While they receive notices reminding them that they will owe up to $25 if they do not return the book in a timely manner, the group felt like this was not enough of a deterrent as this has become a problem at multiple libraries. Students will have the book(s) out for a week and sometimes more. The group has proposed sending the $102 replacement fee notice after the book has been out for a week. By moving the notice up the group hopes that students will feel greater impetus to return the item(s). Jill will bring this up at the next Access Services Committee meeting.

The group had further future initiatives to discuss but it was decided that these would be brought up at a meeting at a later date due to time constraints.


Jill reminded the group to turn in the rest of their Spring statistics, noting that this would hopefully be the last semester of gathering them. The results of the statistics gathering will be included in the groupís annual report.

Jill also posted the exceptions reports in Sakai for everyone to take a look at.

Information Sharing

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