Minutes of April 19, 2016 meeting

Z. Bonianian., D. Gingery, E. Kalamotousis, L. Melanie Miller, R. Negron., J. Rake, M. Aviles - Camden, A. Arencibia - Dana, P. Young., Chair; Minutes

The group convened again to discuss creation of a revised reporting system for Media Reserves, to review OCR testing results, and to consider changes to Joe Abraham's Advisory Committee on Library Services for Persons with Disabilities (Disabilities Committee's) recommendations for e-reserves compliance with revised web policy.

1. Media Reserves

Due to the differences that now appear between e-reserves and media materials, it has been suggested that Media Reserves may, at least, report separately from Reserves within the Access Services Committee.

Reserves is entirely supportive of having Media Reserves set apart in some manner. J. Reinhart (MEDIA) could liaison with the revised membership, however organized, and report to Access Services. This change is not anticipated to cause any additional work for Media staff at any library.

2. OCR Testing

3. Disability Committee - recommendation document

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/reserves_group/minutes/reserves_16_04_19.shtml
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