Minutes of June 16, 1999 meeting

Bouriana Zaharieva, Phyllis Palfy, May Chin, Marc Forster, Ghislaine Butrica, Myriam Alami, Peter Anderson, Georgina Alonzo, Ramon Negron, Roger Smith.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for a very constructive and enlightening meeting, it was truly a pleasure.


We began the meeting by discussing concerns, both reserve and non-reserve, with workflows.

A clarification was brought out that by discharging items using the “F6” function key, you will not get the acknowledgement screen that you have to “OK” to all the time. Thus eliminating this extra step.

We all expressed concern over the excessive “tiling” of windows in so much as it clutters the screen and makes workflow difficult.

We confirmed that the “F3” function key still serves to call up an item checked out on reserve so that we may check its time due back in.

New release and Wizards!

We discussed the upcoming new release of Sirsi. It will be available in test format next month. It will have several changes to reserve processes. This will be the result of the “Reserve Wizards” module in the new release. What we can expect to change with this new release is the positioning/configuration of the reserve icons, as well as a structured, step by step workflow similar to those apparent in basic CIRC functions. We have refrained from any initiative of standardizing icon configuration in anticipation of the delivered SIRSI product defaults.

We have thus decided to have an earlier meeting next month, and coincide it with a time period of about one week after the introduction of the new release in the test system. On the excellent suggestion of Ramon Negron, we will hold this meeting at the SCC, or another available or suitable computer center that will grant us access to the program during the meeting. Any changes in icon configuration will be determined together, to determine the best uniform structure for all units. We will also asses the need for special training on this update.


A question was raised if it were possible to determine what function keys were assigned to which function. This will be pursued; an answer will be forthcoming!

Another question was raised that asked if we should delete the infoview icon from our desktops. This would be advantageous before student staff returns in the fall to avoid confusion. Answer to follow!


We then launched into an excellent debate surrounding the electronic reserves initiative we have begun. Very few of us have submitted material to the copy center, and none of us present completed the process yet.

We confirmed that if we have any material for fall or spring semesters we should go ahead and send those in, with copies for each semester submitted separately.

A fax machine is essential for this process, and SERC is without one. They will be a heavy user of this service, and will need a fax machine.

Several locations brought up the fact that services they currently provide to faculty in terms of quantity and rapid processing of e-reserve eligible material may make the e-reserve process unwieldy or impossible for those items. It was pointed out that paper copies will continue to be provided and users will see the same service they are accustomed to in addition to the e-reserve availability.

However, the time and effort required to provide e-reserve, especially at high volume locations, will have an immediate effect on reserve processing time. A serious look at manpower and equipment will be necessary by the e-reserve committee will need to take place before the full force of fall reserves are upon us, and especially before expanding the service to copyrighted articles.

On the technical side, it was discussed that many e-reserve documents will be extremely large and will require substantial hard drive space. Furthermore, they will be too large for users to e-mail to their accounts. A possible solution is the development of local printing services for units with large e-reserve volume.

We discussed the need to contact faculty and obtain permission to place material on E-reserve. It was concluded that this was not necessary, but if contact permitted it was, for the time being, courteous and should be encouraged. However, we also decided that with proper advertisement that it is our standard procedure to provide these electronic documents in the reserve brochures, we will have our bases covered and the permission for posting of non-copyrighted material need not be obtained.

It came to light at the meeting that a system of authentication for off-site users is now in place. This covers the concerns of faculty members that colleagues across the nation could view their work in progress and critique it. The material is restricted to Rutgers students.

A question was raised of whether or not we can establish criteria to define material as Spring-Fall and leave it on e-reserve for that period of time, or if it needs to be removed every semester. Answer to follow!

We decided that the second meeting of next month (busy month!) will come after there is another meeting of the E-reserve working group, so that some of these questions can be discussed and answers provided. Also, we will all have a clearer picture of procedure after we have all submitted and processed e- reserves.

Annual Report:

The reserves functional group annual report is being submitted this week. I will not go into its details here. Suffice it to say that the group reminded me of several details of accomplishments that I had not recalled, and provided excellent and useful goals for the coming year. Here are some of the goals:


We discussed the status of permanent reserves. Different units retain different types of permanent reserves. We are not sure if these have criteria (such as having a faculty member attached to the record) that place them in violation of copyright. We will determine policy in conjunction with Judy Gardner in the coming months.

We discussed the procedure for ordering a new copy of a title when the only available copy in the system needs to be recalled. This is standard procedure that has fallen by the wayside at many locations. We will immediately seek to confirm this practice, establish a uniform form for use with TSB, and begin using the funds available to make reserve ordering possible.

We discussed the need to fill several spots open on our group from various locations, including Chang, Physics and Music.

A reminder, next month, two meetings! The first geared toward review, critique and standardization of Sirsi’s reserve wizards module. It will take place about a week after we get the new product. The second meeting will be designed to further smooth our e-reserve processes, and bring everyone up to speed. Both meetings will take place at a computer site with hands on use, to be determined.

Thank you again,

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