Minutes of August 11, 1999 meeting

Roger Smith, Athena Nazario, Martin Katz, May Chin, Treadwell Atkins, Marc Forster, Ramon Negron, Myriam Alami, Peter Anderson, Georgina Alonzo, Jan Reinhart

We opened the meeting with the introduction of a new member, Jan Reinhart from the Music Library – Welcome!

We also announced the departure of Chor Ping Dang, special thanks to her for all her work with the group- -- we wish her the very best in all her endeavors!

The group spent a significant portion of the meeting discussing the minutes of the electronic reserve working group that had met that morning. Special thanks to Mark Forster for his insight in this field.

I will not discuss those details here; other than to include what information our group had to add.

In a very general sense, our group called into question the level of equipment available both within the libraries and for students off campus or in dorms, to fully utilize this service. It was pointed out that there are already huge lines in new computer centers such as ARC, and that a significant portion of the student body does not have a home PC.

In response to this, the group suggested that while the new e reserve system is a step in the right direction, we must maintain for the time being the same level of traditional paper copies of photocopied material available in the libraries in addition to the e reserve copy.

It was felt that with the passage of a year or two of utilizing e reserves statistics, we would then be able to assess the need to decrease the number of paper copies. This will be facilitated by the availability of on line reserve statistics for the coming year.

We considered the functionality of the reserve display in IRIS. We all agreed that a close watch should be kept on the length of lists displayed. We considered the possibility of have the e reserve “copy” display as a copy on a single item record, rather than as a separate item record. We will investigate the potential. Thanks Myriam, you are always our dependable “eye on Webcat” making sure it looks right!

The procedure for creating the brief record was discussed. It was felt that it would be much easier for the reserve staff member to create both brief item records at the same time, making the first active for the paper copy and the second inactive for the e reserve copy until it was returned from the copy center. Then it could be updated to an active status with the correct URL and tested.

We agreed that e reserve items should be counted as a separate statistic when adding reserves. In other words, the paper copy gets 1 check and the “E” copy another.

We discussed the possibilities of streamlining the process as discussed in the e-reserve working group with copy center staff. For the beginning of the fall semester we will, however, continue to work with the procedures in hand.

The Group then discussed the need for a stamp that indicates copyright restriction on paper copies of photocopied material. I will check with Judy and update you all.

A suggestion was tabled for a phone list of reserve staff. I will assemble as complete a list as I can and distribute it via email. Keep it handy for reserve questions.

We discussed a checklist for student proficiencies. We went over a sample copy, added a few items and deleted a few others. This exercise led to a constructive dialogue that highlighted the disparity between units in terms of what we as staff allow our student assistants to do. It became apparent that at many smaller units student staff are an integral part of most facets of reserve processing.

We closed the meeting with a general discussion of the needs of our desks for the upcoming fall season. A significant concern was the apparent cuts in student voucher funds. Serious concern was raised that service may decline as available staff is stretched even further with the advent of electronic reserves.

Our next meeting should be our usual date, Wednesday September 15th from 2:00 –4:00 in the Atrium Meeting room. Should the new release of Workflows become a reality we can shift that meeting to a computer lab to best address the concerns of that agenda.

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